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The World of Audeo

Audeo is a game of daring adventure in a dangerous land of fantasy not unlike Dungeons and Dragons. The mechanics are heavily focused on the idea of the gamble, and what you will dare (or risk) for victory. All of this intense action takes place in a wonderous fictional world that exists within the player's imaginations. In order to share the fun of the game, everyone needs to know some basic things about this world. It is called Laurus, and now resides in its third age…


Laurus is a fantastic land of amazing beauty that will uplift the soul and dark horrors that will chill the heart.

In the time before time, it had one sun burning in the sky and it was much like our Earth. It was populated by nine thriving races, all living in golden age of peace and harmony. There was strife, there is always strife, but no major wars or such for year. This was the golden age, in the time before time.

At the opening the first age of Laurus the Cataclysm occured. This resulted in the birth of two new suns and a strengthening of the old sun. This quickly burned the land and threatened to destroy everything on the surface of the world created by the nine races. However the High Priests of Nitor quickly came up with a solution. They sacrificed their sacred healing pools and in a divine right, created a new type of tree, the Ingens Corona. This tree thrives on light and heat, retains massive moisture, and grows to more than 1500 feet in height. It took several years and all of their magic, but they grew these up and into a massive canopy that shelters a large valley across the known world. The Crowned Valley then became the home of all but three of the nine races, the others moving underground. The first age was a time of magical wonder where the world was reshaped by the vision of the nine races. All across the first age the three suns began to diverge in period and eventually night became something no one alive knew.

At the end of the first age, now that the suns were burning the surface of the world around the clock, another change occurred. The deepest corners of what were once oceans dried up entirely, forming the Deadlands. This new type of desert is searing hot and more dry than can be easily imagined. It was the rise of this desert and the forming of new life in the Badlands (the land outside the Valley, between it and the Deadlands) that defined the second age. These new creatures seemed to be born of the Diabolus Sol Solis, or Devil Sun as it began to be known. They all love the heat and light, fear the cold and dark, and seem to want nothing more than to see the Crowned Valley be returned to the badlands it would be without the Ingens Corona crowning it. Defending the perimeter of the Crowned Valley from these Devils became the challenge of the second age, and many of the races traded their magic for strength born of flesh and steel to become Guardians of the Crown.

As the Guardians of the Crown grew in number and gained power, their reach began to seep into the society of the known world. Their views on the duty of all to become stronger shook every corner of power in the nations within the Crowned Valley. Since they all relied on the guardians to defend the valley against the devils, little could be done but accept their pending rule. This is the third age, the age of honor and pain. In this time the six races are being coerced into becoming something more savage and warlike by the Guardians of the Crown. However, rumors abound that in the Underground, vast and powerful resources await. The kind that in the right hands could let one challenge the Guardians and return the valley to a less war-minded time. However, the three races that went below the earth and built the underground aren't so happy to see these resources brought to the surface… so the adventure begins!

♠ The Deadlands

♣ The Badlands

♥ The Crowned Valley

♦ The Underground

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