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Rolling the Dice in Audeo

You roll the dice in Audeo using six-sided dice exclusively. However, how you do so depends on your role in the game. If you are a Player you use one simple roll, and the Narrator has more to handle. In fact, often the Narrator does not even roll the dice at all, but instead draws stones.

As A Player

Whenever your character takes daring action in Audeo, you will roll the dice. To roll the dice, you'll simply pick up one to ten six-sided dice and toss them. Any dice that result in a 6 are called a hit. Earn a hit (or more than one) and you have won, earn none and you have lost. The number of dice you roll will be determined by the Merits and Faults of your Adventurers.

You can't ever roll less than a die, and you can't roll more than ten. If some rule forces you too, you must reduce or increase your dice by using one of the narrative options available to you before you roll.

http://anydice.com/program/211a - The Anydice odds calculation for dice one to ten.

Graph of the percentages for dice one to ten: Odds Chart for 1 to 10 dice in Audeo

As The Narrator

When the game asks you to draw stones, you will pull that many stones from a small bag or box (such that you can't see them) and count how many reds are drawn. The loading of the bag or box is always the same: 3 red and 6 black stones.

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