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The Nine Races of Laurus

Audeo is a game of daring adventure in a dangerous land of fantasy not unlike Dungeons and Dragons. The mechanics are heavily focused on the idea of the gamble, and what you will dare (or risk) for victory. All of this intense action takes place in a wonderous fictional world that exists within the player's imaginations. This world is populated by nine major races, six of which reside in the Crowned Valley and three more that ventured into the deep dark of the Underground.

The Six Races of Crowned Valley







The Three Races of the Underground




Means of Heritage

Each of the races has their own special Means, natural resources given to them by their heritage itself. Here you can find the definition of each in broad terms such that you can implement them in your own way as a player.

Arks Engineering

Fabri Spirit Touch

Macto Brawn

Seges Genius

Tantil Antics

Vetu Spirit Tongue

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