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Bellevue Hospital

Welcome to Bellevue Hospital, oldest continuously operating hospital in the USA. Once condemned for problematic sanitation and treatment of some of it's charges, today in 1925, the hospital is a model of cleanliness and efficiency.

Dramatis Personae

Dr. Evelyn Drury

Psychiatrist at Bellevue, works in the Emergency Pavillion

Age: 34

Marital Status: Single. Has attracted the eye of Dr. Forrester. For her part, she's interested in Dr. Van Winkle, however, as there's something about him that makes her feel alive.

Dr. Albert Van Winkle

Chairman of the Department of Surgery

Age: 50

Dr. Jonathan "Jack" Forrester

Resident in the Emergencey Pavillion

Age: 28

Clarence Donovan

Janitor, lower level

Age: 53

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