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Matafelo Ward

Welcome to Matafelo, ruled by Duke Cyril (known to many as “The Hanger” for his iron-fisted policies) as his own personal demesne. His holdings extend much further out into the city, ruled by many feudal underlings. Matafelo is also known as the home of Wettin University.

Matafelo Denizens has a compilation of all of the below characters, along with pictures.


Daumantas Lipskis

Name: “Uncle” Otiv

Age: 25


  • Orphaned Kids, employed by Otiv to do various jobs, such as ratwhacking, begging and even pickpocketing (-3, +5 = +2)
    • Roman, “The Man” (is Otiv's son, unbeknownst to any but Otiv and Azeyla)
  • Three-fingers the Rat Trainer (-1, +3 = +2)
  • Azeyla the Whore, paid “wife” of Otiv, and mother of Roman. (0, +1 = +1)
  • Alisia Vellinder, daughter of a Harvester deacon (Otiv thinks that her first name is Vellinder). Romantic interest for Otiv. (0,0 = 0)
  • Darin One-fist, mans the Rat Tallying Desk that counts heads for the lord's rat-reduction contract. (-1, +1 = 0)
  • Swordpants, the lord's man who comes to negotiate the price for the rats at the Tallying Desk. (0,0 = 0)
  • Cyril the Hanger, the local lord. A Duke of some power and breadth of dominion, this neighborhood is his directly controlled fief. (-3, 0 = -3)
  • “Dimples Ratkiller” a Spymaster, uses Otiv to dispose of bodies, some of whom Otiv has recognized as being some of Cyril's people. Otiv uses rats to dispose of the bodies (many of which rats then die themselves, which does not please Otiv). (-1, 0 = -1)
  • Donandin the Grocer, from whom Otiv purchases meat and vegetables. (-1, +1 = 0)
  • “Hapless” Elin Kurt, a member of a family that formerly was in Cyril's court a generation ago, but now the family is downtrodden, and Elin works as a ratcatcher. (-3, +4 = +1)
  • Urder “Copper” Seltim, a landlord who employs Otiv to clear out spaces he purchases to be rented out. (-1, 0 = -1)
  • Rat Catcher's Guild, to which Otiv belongs, and is heavily involved with. (-4, +5)
  • Burgeoniing Crime Ring, which Otiv is developing amongst is contacts in the guild. (-2, +1 = -1)


  • Local Farm (home of Vellinder and father)
  • The Nook - ancient tomb of aristocrats where they keep their trained rats, and store bodies. The family's line has died off… probably.
  • Otiv's Sleeping Quarters
  • Rat Tallying Desk
  • Donandin's Grocery Market - Otiv sometimes sees Alisia here.
  • Urder's Project - an area of buried housing that Urder is renovating with Otiv's help.
  • Azeyla's place - Azeyla lives in a hole of ill-repute


  • Gnawtrek - an almost vertical that many ratcatchers use to get from the depths to places higher up, created largely by the gnawing of rats. Otiv's sleeping quarters are near the bottom, and Uder's project is part way up.
  • Ropes an' Shadowsteps - basically ropes and existant staircases on which the Nook lies at one end, and Azeyla's place at the other.
  • Low Matafelo - the region on which the Nook lies at one end, and bordering the local farm on the other. Filled with slums and crappy marketplaces.
  • Riddlefoot - folk who know the shortcuts and hidey-holes know better ways around Low Matafelo, and call those ways Riddlefoot (-1, +2 = +1)
  • Proper Way - ends at the farm and climbs slightly up into the city along the way passing the Rat Tallying Desk.

Alexander Cherry

Name: Kelligar Scarabae

Age: 41


  • Colita Scarabae, Kelligar's first wife, an Architect, and member of the Delacourt family [-2,+4 = +2]
  • Amaranth Scarabae, Kelligar's second wife, sister of Constantine Stark. Makes very ornate decorative pottery. [-2,+3 = +1]
  • Ambrose Zurdin [-3,+2 = -1], Colita's boss in the Guild.
    • A distant relation of the Delacourts, he's also a relation of the Vellinders, the result of an odd arranged marriage a couple of generations ago. He's made a name for himself in the Architects, and is significantly important.
  • (Rector) Victor Lynch [-2,+3 = +1], head of the Verdoux University History department, where Keligar is a guest speaker.
  • (Captain) Sebastian Kurt [-2,+2 = 0], captain of the City Guard in Matafelo, who was useful to Kelligar when he was Mayor.
  • (Comissioner) Garrick Scarabae [-1,+3 = +2], Sebastian Kurt's right-hand man, commissioner of the City Guard. Also Kelligar's brother.
  • (Duke) Cyril the Hanger, Duke and lord of Matafelo, knows Kelligar from his role as Mayor [-4,+1 = -3]
  • (Mayor) Constantine Stark, current Mayor of the Great City [-2,+3 = +1]
  • Malinda Khalal [-1,+2 = +1], Kelligar's secretary since the time he was Mayor.
  • Taylor Seltim, Barber, good friend and confidante. Kelligar is not sure if Taylor is his first or last name. [-1,+2 = +1]


Passions and Obligations
  • Colita 3
  • Amaranth 2
  • Malinda 2
  • Academia 1
  • Favor-Trading? 2
  • Obligation (Cyril) 3
  • Mayor Emeritus, Advisor to the current Mayor, favor-trader.
  • Pinnacles 6
  • Heights 6
  • Rooftop 4
  • Roof 4
  • Chasms 1
  • Warrens 1
  • Underneath 1
  • Depths 6
  • Deeps 1
  • Ancient Archaeology and Power Structures of the City
  • Deceptions
  • Oratory


  • Big house with skylights in each room, located in Delacourt, built by Colita to house her aging parents, it is inhabited by Kelligar's family now that they have passed.
  • Ambrose's house, also in Delacourt.
  • Taylor's Barber Shop, on the Ribbon Agora.
  • Verdoux University, once atop a pinnacle, as befits a place of high learning, Verdoux has been around long enough that it's now almost buried by the city around it, right now in the Roof layer.
  • The Duke's Palace - a pinnacle of the ward, the palace is opulent, yet also fairly strongly fortified from attack from below.
    • Mayor's Office, which Kelligar attends to when the Mayor is not present. Located technically in the Duke's palace, but in actuality just below it. There is access between both.
  • Ribbon Agora - a social gathering place off of the ribbons catering to the upper crust. Has markets, bathhouses, barbers, open-air eateries… places where people can talk and philosophize. Below the Agora, one can see (and easily reach) Verdoux University. (Heights)
  • Delacourt, a walled neighborhood in which the Big House exists along with others of Colita's extended family (many of whom are architects by tradition), the Delacourts. (Rooftops)
  • The Ribbons, means of getting from place to place in the upper strata of Matafelo. Delacourt is connected to the ribbons, as is the Palace (and the Mayor's Office thereby). They stretch from the Rooftops to the Pinnacles.


Name: Yuri Stelliopoulos

Age: 30


  • Yanis, Yuri's younger brother, a gifted information gatherer who Yuri trusts in all matters official and underhanded.
  • Loretta, Yuri's cousin, the family enterprise's accountant and informal morale officer, a woman with a tough outlook, an old spinster who takes no shit. She's incredibly patient and caring of her younger cousins.
  • Workers trained to infiltrate the Silk Manufacturing plant, recruited from those disgruntled with the weak Silk Worker's Guild, and scam professionals.
  • Delacourts, who come to Yuri's parties.
    • Unnamed Delacourt Female, with long auburn hair, gracious curves, sweet as the morning dew.
    • Bokda Delacourt, friend of Yuri of relatively low status for a Delacourt. Knows the score on what's popular.
  • Don Sonati, a priest of the religion of Yuri's homeland, an important figure in their ethnic community. Known as Father Bad Luck for his rather downbeat oracular predictions. EBCO certified.
  • Visconti family, a family formerly of noble status who have fallen very low.
    • Lucia Visconti, the family seeks to have Lucia marry Yuri, to improve their station.
  • Cynthia, a courtesan who Yuri sees, a relationship which he keeps quite secret.
  • Satnur Taturk, silk manufacturing plant salesperson, with whom Yuri negotiates. They remain polite, but there's often bile under their breath when they talk. Tough negotiator. Yuri always try to make it friendly but Satnur has the upper hand and keeps his emotional distance.
  • Leandro Tavoni, works with Loretta on taxes, and putting together shipments. Strongheaded, and makes risky decisions, which means he butts heads with Yuri.
  • Songrul, a giant of a man, with alarge turban, is the Valet at the Villa who oversees the maids.


  • Silk manufacturing plant - has a secret process involved in creating mass quantities of silks.
  • Little “Venice” - an ethnic community found on the Roof Top level.
    • Basilica Santa Theodosia - Don Sonati's Church
    • Big Family Villa - where Yuri and family live. Has a courtyard, and fountain.
    • Storage Facility on the Warrens level


  • Naxos square is on one side of Little Venice. People like to display their fashion there. Mid-class courtseans try to catch big fish who come down from above on the ribbons to Naxos.
  • The Ribbons touch down by Naxos Square.
  • Secret elevator from the Family Villa down to the Storage facility.

Tom Lawrence

Name: Lorenzo

Age: 25

Sex: Male


  • Mikkael, retired head runner of the local chapter of the Pigeons.
  • Pera, Lorenzo's dispatcher. Put in the admin role cause she lost her legs and they find jobs for survivors who get hurt, and it turned out she was good at dispatching.
  • Clara, rival runner, female, 17, faster than Lorenzo, endlessly frustrating to work with. Lorenzo finds her attractive, but isn't sure about her feelings.
  • Zohane, rival runner, arrogant male, climbs dangerously but gets away with it
  • , apprentice
  • Giuseppe, estranged from Lorenzo because he doesn't want the loss associated with Lorenzo's presumed death to weigh too heavily (even if it's not inevitable). A cobbler by trade.
  • Giacommo, younger brother who idolizes Lorenzo, which makes Lorenzo feel guilty.
  • Lise, wife, separated since a near fatal incident
  • Daughter, at home, has a hired nanny/teacher during the day.
  • Imigla, his daughter's Dame School teacher.
  • Margarita, toothless old woman with arms like a blacksmith who prepares sugared meat on a stick for Lorenzo to eat on the go.
  • Magalda, Priestess with whom Lorenzo not only worships, but also by whom he keeps up with details of his family.


  • Naxos Messenger Station - just off Naxos square, near where the ribbons touch down there.
  • Lorenzo's appartment in the Warrens.
  • Maragrita's Sugared Meat on a Stick Stand - down at the Farm ring.
  • Parents appartment in the Chasms.
  • Dame School in the warrens.

Abstract Map

FarmProper WayProper WayRibbonsDuke's Palace/Mayor's OfficeCityCityCityCity
CityCityRat Tally HallCityCityCityCityCityCity
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