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Centaurus Gate is a science fiction theme RPG based on a rebuild of WestEnd Game's Star Wars D6 RPG. While it is primarily inspired by Farscape, it also draws on many concepts presented in other shows such as Stargate. The game focuses on the adventures of a daring crew as they guide their starship into a galaxy far away to explore and exploit (a pioneer theme). Each player's character is a crew member of the starship in question, taking on one or more roles as crew. Blast off into a Science Adventure!

Boston Chronicles

Stories of the ETF Corvette Boston as it cruises the Expanse!

ETF Corvette Boston

  • Catamaran with Dual Core ISO 2 reactor, 2 light, 2 medium and 1 heavy system.

Player Explorers

  • Dima: Loren's Russian Science/Medical officer.
  • Day: Jeff's Hoo'Shoo'Whee ETF Covert Operative and security chief of the Boston.
  • Grant: Adam's Engineering officer and acting chief engineer of the Boston.
  • John: Pete's Taak'Rhay(Guu'Emm'Shee) command officer recently transferred to the Boston.

Notable Other Explorers

  • Todd: Captain of the Boston, young intellectual with potential but not command material.
  • Gary: Chief Engineer of the Boston, lazy fat man with no drive whatever.
  • Kyle: ISOtech Specialist, member of the Silver Sentinels, likes to play it fast and loose with the rules.
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