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Executive's Guide to Centaurus Gate

Centaurus Gate is a science fiction theme RPG based on a rebuild of WestEnd Game's Star Wars D6 RPG. While it is primarily inspired by Farscape, it also draws on many concepts presented in other shows such as Stargate. The game focuses on the adventures of a daring crew as they guide their starship into a galaxy far away to explore and exploit (a pioneer theme). Each player's character is a crew member of the starship in question, taking on one or more roles as crew. Blast off into a Science Adventure!


Standards is a set of rules that let you quickly calculate the primary die code for a piece of gear based on two concepts: Worth, and Usage.

  • Worth is a measure of the value of the item in a general sense. This is primarily for RP cost during explorer creation. Worth can be Minor, Moderate, or Major.
    • Minor worth is something just a bit less than uncommon, but not truly common. It is worth .5 RP (2 Minor per RP).
    • Moderate worth is something truly uncommon. It is worth 1 RP.
    • Major worth is something quite rare, but not unheard of. It is worth 2 RP.
  • Usage is a measure of how useful the item is in the fiction. The more applicable it is (to various situations) the greater its Usage: Rarely, Sometimes, Often.
    • Often usage means the item is applicable all the time (granting its effect, bonuses, rules) and applies to a wide number of situation. A power suit that increases Strength would be often.
    • Sometimes means the item is applicable in one common type of situation (battle, socializing, research, etc) or can be activated for only a short period and must be recharged. Weapons and Armor are sometimes items, as would be a tailored pheromone, or a database of engineering schematics.
    • Rarely means the item is applicable in only rare circumstances (won't see much use, but nasty when it does). An AI designed to pilot a corvette through an asteroid belt would fit, or an item that can only be used once and needs to be rebuilt each time, etc.
WorthOften Sometimes Rarely
Minor1d 3d 5d
Moderate2d 4d 6d
Major3d 5d 7d

The table above gives you a die code for the primary rating of the item. It may have more, but those must all add up to its primary rating +1d. That means a powersuit with worth Major has 3d rating, and 4d total of other ratings, say life support or thermal resistance.

Managing Conditions

Handling Fallout

Creating the Crisis

Starting an Expedition

Here is a guide to doing the two things behind the scenes you need to do at the start of game: Creating Mission Parameters and a Fulcrum.

Mission Parameters


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