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Advanced Psychology Rules

These rules add some depth to the psychology rules for Chronica Insidea.


Each character has 20 points to spend on passions. These are things the character cares about a lot, and should make sense with the character's background. Typical passions include Loyalty, Wealth, Friends, etc, but can be anything the player finds interesting for the character.


Each character has a certain level to which they've become hardened in each of five categories. The categories are:

  • Violence
  • Isolation
  • Helpless
  • Unnatural
  • Self

These can be set at any point from 0 to 10. The most appropriate of these can be added to try to avoid freak outs. When you succeed at a roll to avoid a freak out with one of these, that one goes up by one if there are consequences. If a character gets to a 10 in one of these, they have a crisis, and must get back down to 9 very soon, or they will stop caring and give up the fight.

Psychological Hinderances

When a freak out occurs, the character also takes on a psychological hinderance of the size of the number of successes in the opposing pool. These are relatively permanent, but can be healed with the right de-stressing scene and an appropriate roll. If a character gets enough psychological hinderances, the GM may have them test to see if they go insane.

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