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Line 17: Line 17:
     * [[CMM:​Squiddy]] - Raven'​s Mutant Human Trading Boat Captain     * [[CMM:​Squiddy]] - Raven'​s Mutant Human Trading Boat Captain
     * [[CMM:Zin]] - Sabe's Mutant Plant Merchant     * [[CMM:Zin]] - Sabe's Mutant Plant Merchant
-    * [[CMM:Aurora]] - Char's Mutant Bird Tinker+    * [[cmm:kiki]] - Char's Mutant Bird Tinker
     * [[CMM:​Imperos]] - Tim's Mutant Lion Cyborg     * [[CMM:​Imperos]] - Tim's Mutant Lion Cyborg
   * [[CMM:​Character Template]]   * [[CMM:​Character Template]]
Line 28: Line 28:
 ===== Possible Interests ===== ===== Possible Interests =====
-  * Ilirha, the rampaging sorceress 
   * The Peninsula Guard'​s Deathbot   * The Peninsula Guard'​s Deathbot
   * Dowin'​s Dome   * Dowin'​s Dome
   * Skybranch'​s Tower   * Skybranch'​s Tower
   * The Kreal Colony near Stonefield   * The Kreal Colony near Stonefield
-  * Khovip'​s Mine at Digtown+  * Return to Khovip'​s Mine at Digtown ​to see how Lallana is doing
   * The giant wandering behemoth   * The giant wandering behemoth
   * The City Ruins   * The City Ruins
   * Meet Doc Potamus (through Alitec)   * Meet Doc Potamus (through Alitec)
 +  * Investigate Fort Chopshop, home of the Motorheads 
 +  * Visit the Hellrazor Fort, perhaps to do some pit fighting 
 +  * Find the Wastelander village (supposedly hard to get to) 
 +  * Return to Ilirha'​s Base for more looting and/or investigation 
 +  * Take a closer look at the Ancient Observatory Ruin that the skow flew over on the way to catch Ilirha 
 +  * Visit the various Meadow Folk villages 
 +  * Find the camp of the Painted Women 
 +  * Loot the waste disposal facility (Ilirha'​s base) further, and deal with whatever is behind the big door  
 +  * Return to Glump'​s Entrepot to find more leads and trade opportunities
 [[CMM:Known General Geography]] [[CMM:Known General Geography]]
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