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Basic Info

Name: Digger
Type: Mining Robot
Sex: NA
Age: 3 centuries or more

Destiny 6


  • 16 Physical Strength (PS)
  • 8 Dexterity (DX)
  • 16 Constitution (CN)
  • 2 Intelligence (IN)
  • NA Mental Strength (MS)
  • 2 Charisma (CH)


  • None


  • 6 Royal Fregeland Mining Consortium Exopod #64972-4/9
  • 12 Unspent


  • 8 Chemical Analysis Suite
  • 4 Materials Processing Module
  • 4 WC-Co Nanocomposite Digging Claws
  • 4 S/SR Organosilicate Chassis (Armor)
  • 4 Kludgetech Scrap Sorting Assembly
  • 8 Unspent



What sort of beings were the character’s parents or creators?

Designed by Fro An-sable, 7-Factor Limited Mind, of the Venusian Delta Supercluster.

Where was the character born or created?

Fabricated by the Bellwether Servitor Trust for the Royal Fregeland Mining Consortium.

Was the character born with mutations?


Where was the character raised?

First deployed as 4/9 of Exopod #64972 to (486958) 2014 MU69 in the Kuiper Belt.

Who taught the character what they know?

Natal programming by Gen Or-sinial, 2-Factor Limited Mind, of the Venusian Delta Supercluster. Supplementary programming by various sources.

What beliefs was the character taught?

To Dig is Good. To Find is Better. To Retrieve is Best.

What did the character learn in order to survive?

Sometimes Other Things Are Good.

Did the character have any good or bad experiences with any cryptic alliances?
Has the character ever visited any ancient ruins?
Has the character actually ever fought anybody, and if so, how did that end?
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