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The townsfolk are all Pure Strain Humans (or possibly passers) unless otherwise mentioned.



The head of the Urag family, the rulers of Grubport. While putatively run buy a council of elders of the most important families of Grubport (who make their homes upon the deck of the old ruined aircraft carrier that comprises Grubport), this family is deferred to by all of the others. According to sources, Urag is garnering weapons to create some sort of personal army.

Urag is currently neutral to the PCs, having been wary of the fact that they may have been involved with Chersh in her matchmaking decisions. On the other hand, Squiddy has been his agent in getting rid of Alitec, so it currently balances out a bit.

Young Urag


Young Urag is the son of the elder. He is clearly fond of his vices, and not a skilled gambler, having lost considerable trade chits at the gaming tables at The Famous Root and elsewhere.

Young Urag was married off to the daughter of the leader of a very small settlement, which he surprisingly does not seem at all upset about for some reason.

Urag's Daughter


Daugher of the elder Urag, this one is cold, vapid, and grasping. Not particularly bright, her only thoughts are of her own security and comfort. She previously sought to marry Khovip to obtain the wealth of his mine. Instead she was married off to Young Greenstream's younger brother. She's enraged, and already before the night of the festival was over was trying to find a way to get the match annulled, calling her 13 year old mate completely inappropriate both in age and status (from a status POV, it's really not that bad, and she WAS willing to marry Khovip, which would have been worse in terms of status… but Khovip is rich). It's really all about appearances to her, and this is EMBARASSING to her. If she finds out who was behind this, she will be very much their enemy.



Matriarch of the Betsk clan, brought relatively low a couple of generations ago by the Urags. She looks on the PCs very favorably, given that they both secured a good match for her son in Greenstream's Daughter, and in that she gained status in the village after brokering the deal with the PCs for information on how to restore the ship that is Grubport before it collapses (info that came from Digger).

Young Betsk


The charming son of the Betsk matriarch, he was taken with Greenstream's Daughter, but worried that she may be a mutant. They are now happily coupled after Chersh's ritual at the festival. He will be positively disposed to the PCs if they need a favor from him.

Greenstream's Daughter


Daughter of the most important Elder of the village of Greenstream, people speculate that she may be a mutant, given that she wears paint like the painted women do. She is also positively disposed towards the PCs, given that she likes Young Betsk a lot.



A “Sorceress” who works with Urag and the other families of Grubport to maintain order. She runs an annual matchmaking festival at which she matches members of the various families of the Peninsula Tribes together by word from Dowin. At the most recent affair she worked with the PCs to create favorable matches for a couple of families, since Dowin did not seem to be present. Chersh feels that she's clearly satisfied her part of the bargain (and one wonders what she'll do with the information she's been given about Urag setting up to be on a war footing). But she probably would bargain favorably with the PCs in the future. To say nothing of what she and Hoff may have to talk about.

A Light Keeper


One of the priesthood of Dowin in Grubport. This one came into The Famous Root and gave a doomsaying type proclamation about the fact that Raymount's power was dwindling. The Lightkeepers are generally fairly well predisposed towards the PCs since they restored the power of Raymount. However they're a bit questioning about what went on there, and worried that the PCs just entered one of Dowin's sacred precincts without their say so.



Leader of a group of Grubporters who perform religious skits at festivals and other various events. Asked if his group could play on the stage of The Show, and was manipulated by Squiddy into arguing with Herald M'kan about matters of belief. Clearly a devout Dowinite.



Rumored to be from Army Crossing, Alitec is suspected of being an somewhat of an agent provocatuer, or at least a criminal sent in by one of the border lords to sow chaos. Alitec is known to run games of chance, including “table-races” of small mutant animals at The Famous Root, and knows how to get in touch with Doc Potamus. Urag suspects Alitec of being involved in much more nefarious stuff than just gambling, and wants his ilk out of Grubport. Squiddy got him to agree to leave, however he's remaining on the outskirts of Grubport waiting for the PCs to return so that he can escort them to Doc Potamus (for which, apparently, he's been promised a reward, based on the item that the PCs gave him from Tavan).



Proprietor of The Famous Root, the only drinking establishment in Grubport. Victwor's father was the only surviving member of an expedition to the ruined city in which Skybranch exists, and he returned with a huge section of root. The same root for which the bar is named, and which hangs on it's wall, dripping sap continually from which “vine wine” is made; a potent concoction that has variable effects on different drinkers, but is clearly linked to Skybranch's immense mental abilities.



Formerly a perennial challenger for the chief position in Bay Village on Horse Bay, Lallana was convinced that her talents would be of more use as a member of the crew of The Show. She has since become the leader of Khovip's mining operation outside of Grubport.


The archivists are thought to have a lair somewhere in the vicinity of Grubport.



Ferid is a skunk-oid that flies a Dragonthopter, and is looking for Lanu.



A mouse-kin (like Lanu) dancer that was looking for Lanu on the festival day near The Show while pretending to be performing for the crowd. Lanu has implied that she is very competent and even dangerous.

Dr. Usubious


Ratoid leader of the attempt to take over Raymount.

Usubious's Assistant


Mouseoid hacker that was attempting to execute Usubious's plan.


It isn't known where exactly the Hissers who were smuggled out of Alalit are… but they left The Show while it was in Grubport, so they may well be nearby.



The leader of the male hissers who managed to break away from their queen. Pictured as he was first discovered, relaxing on the floor of Mazarin's basement.



Male servant of Loosis, Coorsis had been tasked with helping the PCs find the males, but broke free of Loosis' control.

Coorsis is a mutation from the base hisser stock, with colorful crests on his head and arms.

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