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What Everybody from Highvale Knows

Highvale Starting Situation Geographical Map


A small village that contains a mishmash of mutant humans, mutant animals, a few mutant plants, and even a few Pure Strain Humans who don't mind living amongst the riff-raff.

Meadow Folk

Refers to the largely Pure Strain Human population that inhabit the grasslands in the center of the Peninsula region. The population of Meadow Valley and some small associated settlements around the peninsula band together to essentially control the entire region. If that can be said of an area with this much wilderness, and with populations being as low as they are in general. This mostly comes down to them having a few rules that they try to get the village elders to enforce, and rounds of patrols that go around collecting taxes that are putatively for the protection the Meadow Folk provide

Meadow Valley

A settlement that contains mostly Pure Strain Humans, and a few mutant animals, this is the central habitation that serves as the seat of power for the Meadow Folk. Mutant humans aren't very welcome there.

City Ruins

The locale of what was once a fairly massive ancient city, these ruins tend to be shunned as rumor has it that they are full of radioactive hazards and violent mutants who eke out a living from what they can forage of the ancient remains.

Pebble Dwelling

An area of the peninsula region that has a number of small fishing hamlets and the one somewhat larger settlement of Grubport in it. Craggy, low bluffs run along the north coast of the Great Bay, descending into stony beaches along the shoreline. The majority of the populace of these villages are PSHs, but with a smattering of other types of intelligent inhabitants.


Named for the shallow harbor that exists here, which is important as a sight for the landing of Restorationist forces from the Eastern Lands. These people largely support the purist Meadow Folk in their bid to try to organize the region. The port also serves as an embarkation point for those coming in and out of the area as pilgrims to hear Dowin speak, his Pylon and dome being just to the east on the coast.

One of the region's only major roads stretches north from Grubport to Meadow Valley, following an ancient highway for most of it's length.

Dowin's Dome

A large dome-shaped geodesic edifice that is made from pannels of some super-hard glass-like material. The pylon of Dowin is located just West of the dome, and protected by the priests and their sentinels. Putatively the home of “The First One,” who legend has it was the first human of the area, who eventually returned to the dome after starting civilization.

Archivist Lair

Known to several of the denizens of Highvale, this is a warren of small caves that exist off of some ancient underground constructions out of which the Archivists of the Peninsula Region operate.

Horse Bay

An area known largely for being inhabited by the “Camites,” or followers of the pylon God Cam. Legend has it that Dowin is the sole son of Cam, but the Dowinites of the peninsula tend to believe that Cam is dead, and that Dowin is the only Pylon God worth listening to.

Horse Bay serves somewhat as a crossroads and buffer region for the Peninsula, as to its west are the wide-open realms of the Central Region, and the many and varied peoples and things that dwell there.


The largest settlement in the Horse Bay area, and actually the largest in the peninsula region as a whole, the Camite priesthood resides here, and it is understood by most that the secret location of the Pylon of Cam is somewhere nearby (though kept very secret).

Seaforts Grave

To the east on the coast is a settlement known for being next to a large ancient graveyard to which the locals add their own dead. Mostly a fishing habitation, they also have the benefit of small vessels from the Island Kingdom and Eastern Lands landing frequently to trade ancient tech. At the top of the cliffs overlooking the village is a recently built castle of substantial size.

Other Places

Characters from Highvale may have heard of other places on the peninsula, but likely know very little about them. Places like Land's End to the east, and the North Moorlands on the opposite side of the peninsula to the north (which is rumored to be run by mutant animals). Barley bay, from whence beer comes. Flourishing Land and Running Dell, known by name only.

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