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Basic Info

Name: Imperos
Type: Cyber-Mutant Lion
Sex: Male
Age: 10

Destiny 2


  • Physical Strength (PS) 8
  • Dexterity (DX) 6
  • Constitution (CN) 8
  • Intelligence (IN) 6
  • Mental Strength (MS) 8
  • Charisma (CH) 6


  • Invisibility 6
  • Sonic Roar 6
  • Telepathy 6
  • Telekinesis 6


  • Hunter 5
  • Survival 5
  • Lion 6
  • Body Guard 2


  • Cyber Armor 8
  • Stealth Module (Sound) 5
  • Force Field (Small Area) 5




  • What sort of beings were the character’s parents or creators?

Born to the Family an extended mega tribe of the “Family” mutant lions, but transformed into a cyberorg by Sorceress Ilirha

  • Where was the character born or created?

Both, they stand between organic and machine

  • Was the character born with mutations?


  • Where was the character raised?

In wild grasslands but left alone to prove worthiness to claim an equally hunt capable female mate.

  • Who taught the character what they know?

Imperos biological parents taught him, and the mentors of the Family.

  • What beliefs was the character taught?

Doing what's right makes you stronger, you need a pride (family) group to survive long term. Your mind is a gift, and freedom for self and others is worth fighting for though don't be stupid about it.

  • What did the character learn in order to survive?

Hide his abilities to become invisible and roar that can shatter old stones.

  • Did the character have any good or bad experiences with any cryptic alliances?

No, he knows of “Secret” societies but only true adults have earned knowledge to be taught what the Family knows.

  • Has the character ever visited any ancient ruins?

Yes, while hunting many times.

  • Has the character actually ever fought anybody, and if so, how did that end?

Yes for food, but major non-food fight was against Ilihra brutes who captured him.

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