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Basic Info

Name: Kikirikki Birb
Type: Mutant Sparrow
Sex: Female?

Destiny 4


  • Physical Strength (PS) 1
  • Dexterity (DX) 4
  • Constitution (CN) 2
  • Intelligence (IN) 7
  • Mental Strength (MS) 5
  • Charisma (CH) 5


  • Tinker Talent 10
  • Density Control/Flight 8


  • Tinker 9
  • Scavenger 6
  • Hunter 3


  • Tool Kit 8
  • Powered Exoskeleton 8
  • Jetpack 7
  • Death Ray 4
  • Other stuff 7?
  • a working ancient detector device of some sort. After fiddling with it for a bit, she discovers that it detects life-force readings within about 300 meters, with plants showing as green, and animals as red signals.


  • Scavenging Roll: !25d6s
  • Tinkering Roll: !38d6s
  • 3 dice towards improvement
  • 2 Reckless Reputation
  • 5 Learning Death Ray
  • 3 Can't hide fear






What sort of beings were the character’s parents or creators?

Also mutant birds

Where was the character born or created?


Was the character born with mutations?


Where was the character raised?

Nomadic family, with rare clan meets.

Who taught the character what they know?

Parents, and experimenting herself

What beliefs was the character taught?

* Freedom is the most important thing, we travel because we are free.

  • Old-world junk can be transformed into useful new things
  • Never throw away something you can fix
  • Help people and they will help you in return
What did the character learn in order to survive?

How to fix things for the family to trade, how to hunt and scavenge for food and useful things.

Did the character have any good or bad experiences with any cryptic alliances?

That one faction tried to recruit her, but they want to hide all the old things instead of using them.

Has the character ever visited any ancient ruins?

Yes! They are the best!

Has the character actually ever fought anybody, and if so, how did that end?

Mostly not, if there's trouble the Birb family sticks together to help each other and as one of the younger members she'd been mostly protected by the older members of the clan.

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