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Basic Info

Type: Mutant Human Cyborg
Sex: Female

Destiny 2


One stat die from the below list is used in every contest. Distribute 24 points between all characteristics, with none being less than 2, or higher than 6. It is possible to modify these later.

  • Physical Strength (PS) 6
  • Dexterity (DX) 8
  • Constitution (CN) 7
  • Intelligence (IN) 8
  • Mental Strength (MS) 5
  • Charisma (CH) 8


  • Traveler 5
  • Healer 5
  • Thief 3
  • Scavenger 5


  • Heal self 5
  • Cloud Minds 4
  • Transfer Injuries to Others 3


  • AI Implant 6
  • Multi-tool 4
  • Wrist-light 3
  • Goggles, IR 3
  • Breathing apparatus 4
  • Light Partial Scavenged Armor 4




What sort of beings were the character’s parents or creators?
Where was the character born or created?

In the Painted Women Village.

Was the character born with mutations?


Where was the character raised?

In the Painted Women Village.

Who taught the character what they know?

Her mother initially, and then later some “friends.”

What beliefs was the character taught?
What did the character learn in order to survive?

How to survive on the road, heal, and later skills involved with getting things she needed.

Did the character have any good or bad experiences with any cryptic alliances?

She was part of the Healers, but only as an adjunct, never quite becoming a full member and working with a team. Instead always being on the outisde of the official group.

Has the character ever visited any ancient ruins?

Yes, in her work as a scavenger.

Has the character actually ever fought anybody, and if so, how did that end?
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