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The shattered moon in the night sky:


The first place The Show arrived at in the Peninsula was Alalit, having crossed the Running River (below) to enter the Peninsula proper: Alalit Sights


Hoff and Elkir would later hunt a bit back on the other side of the river while The Show was kept there because of the black bog burping.

After Alalit and Horse Bay, The Show made it's way down the road towards Grubport, noticing a flying vehicle in the air over the sea:


This ancient dragonthopter turned out to belong to a suspected archivist:


They travelled all night, and in the morning there were strange trees:


There were some small ruins along the way, from which an island was spotted, far off:


And inland, an ancient power pylon, which the Grubporters call “Raymount” (here are other such pylons that the folk of The Show have seen back in the Central Lands):


Eventually they arrived in Grubport:


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