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Info for the CMM Highvale Game


Highvale R-map: The Enchanter

Other of the hunters going on the test for majority are involved in an odd situation involving passion and possibly revenge. Kim has spurned Tunu (he has problems with her appearance) and Sirocco. He's interested in the chief's daughter.

The tension of this R-map should be resolved before Ilira strikes (so that members of the map can be casualties).

R-Map NPC Notes


Chief's right hand, a mutant leopard girl. Wants Empathic Hunter Boy, but won't admit it, even to herself, finding her attraction to a human to be beneath her (as she's a Zoopremacist). Wields a vibro-blade.

R-Map Events

A Set-up

Keilah asks for help in setting Kim for a fall, revealing that he suspects Kim has charmed his mother empathically (he hasn't done this, his mother has fallen for EHB all by herself).

Other Locales

Peninsula Locations


Phased Play Events

All of the general events from the phased play listings below are possible where they make sense to occur.

Cryptic Alliance Interactions


Phased Play

This is a more rail-roaded path for groups that need more direction.

Phased Play Details


  • Random notes


  • Rhinoids in armor (very tough) - Wandering mercenaries?
  • Flying squid
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