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 +^2d6 ^Result ^Defined Trade Good ^Unit Increment ^Base Price GP^
 +|2 |Rock Salt/​Compressed Coal |1d6 x 7 |5 |
 +|3โ€“5 |Riverstone |1d6 x 6 |10 |
 +|6โ€“8 |Graphite/​Quartz |1d6 x 5 |20 |
 +|9โ€“11 |Jade |1d6 x 3 |30 |
 +|12 |Alabaster |1d6 x 2 |45 |
 +These are lots of non-precious stones. Players wishing to dabble in precious stones can purchase them on an individual basis using the normal rules for pricing.  ​
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