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Dark Conspiracy NPC Pics

Not a few NPCs have been shuffled off this mortal coil. To see the list of those who are no longer amongst the living (or even pretending to be), see The Graveyard.

General NPCs


Owner of a bar with no name (and not much decor, either) near Mai's office. The few people who know of the bar refer to it simply as Marcus'.

Pic of Marcus on the wall of his bar, circa 2016 (he's older and balder now, but still has the same expression):



A romantic interest of Leo's acquaintance. Met at the Craft Bar where she seems to hang out quite a bit.



New bartender at the Craft Bar with a unicorn tattoo, who seems to be interested in Mai.


The Prophet

Painter of wall art in the Craft Bar neighborhood.


An example of his art (this was the piece he did near the Craft Bar, which he thought had captured Mai's soul).

Joshua "Lemmy" Lemmins

A former colleague of Ezra's at the University, who currently works at the Field Museum.


Beauregard Newton

A friend of Mai Lewandon from the old neighborhood who does odd jobs tracking things down with his dog Wilsie.


DEA Folks


Leo's IT contact in the DEA. Leo owes him for doing surveillance on Dr. Lindsey MacAllister.


Dr. Lindsey MacAllister

Psychiatrist who works at Leo's DEA office. Possible mole.


Chief Rory Sullivan

Leo's current boss, in charge of the task force that's trying to figure out what's happening with The Serpent gang, and whatever they're brining in from Asia.

Ricardo "Rico" Stewart

Another agent that works with Leo.

Case of the Missing Girl

Pablo Verasante

A client who contacted Mai about finding his missing niece Rosa.



Missing niece of Pablo Verasante, a custodial worker (not resident) at the Coca-Cola Employee Housing Village (CCEHV) in Chicago. See the notes about her emails.



Rosa's room-mate, a nurse at the CCEHV before her murder, which occurred shortly before Rosa's disappearance. She worked in the Creche.


Barbara Jones

Another of Rosa's room-mates, she is the witness who establishes most of the timeline regarding both Maria's murder and Rosa's disappearance. A nurse at


Victor Dalechenko

Rosa's boyfriend, Victor helped Rosa gain access to a file regarding a couple who had been involved with adopting one of the children from the Creche at the CCEHV. Was told by somebody not to talk to anyone with regards to Rosa's disappearance.



Cyborg who ambushed Mai and Leo when they came to check on her and her husband, Roosevelt. Currently locked up in a cage at the base. Fanatically loyal to Dr. Seabach who apparently may have been involved with her current cybernetic form.

Dr. Seabach

The head of medical services at the CCEHV, former supervisor of Maria above.


Chicago Empathic Terrain

The elements listed below include individuals and organizations that are associated with empathy use in and around Chicago.

Empathic Underground


Code-name of the closest thing to a leader the underground has. Clearly a medical professional (likely a doctor), she is also pretty talented with her submachine guns.


"Beta Three"

Code-name of a member who seems to specialize in security.



Code-name of a psion member who approached Mai to train her.



Code-named “Veronica,” Doreen is an elderly mystic who approached Mai after Benny, and introduced everyone to the underground.



Code-name of a burly shotgun-toting biker member.


Axe's favorite toy:



Code-name of an Asian male member who was nearly killed by the long-armed monster that hitched a ride under the van.



A small anglo guy with an officious manner who usually keeps quiet and isn't often seen at the base.



Axe's daughter, cyborg escapee, and freelance freedom fighter (depicted as first seen, all shot up). Leo lead her to the underground, which Axe had been keeping a secret from her.

As Leo first saw her:


Cleaned up back at the base:



Code-name of a member who seems to be missing or on sabatical.

Dr. Pahail Farouk

Code-named “faith”, missing member.


Code-name of a sorceress “affiliate” of the underground. Former member of the Order of the White Circle, and now a member of yet another order.



The “Grey” alien that the underground has retrieved from the graveyard near the Craft bar.



Owner of Delphine's books, and a talented sorceress. Like Panix, not a member of the underground, but one who is becoming more and more sympathetic.


The Van

An important member of the team. Got very beat up over time.


Replacement van stolen by Ezra when it was filled with dead dogs in plastic bags.


The Order of the White Circle

These empaths all study sorcery (mostly with a psionic bent). Panix was once a member of this order, but left when she felt they were starting to become corrupt.

Eli Caldwell

Sorcerer that had created an out of control Tupla, who was rampaging all over the city, and stalking Max. Now dead.


Sorcerer who was looking for something in Eli's apartment. Later tried to recruit Mai. When Leo and Mai followed him through a graveyard, he escaped. Later defected to the Underground to avoid Ariel and Brenna (see below).


Ann & Bersk & Matt

Were-bear associate of the society, killed in the graveyard when Leo and Mai followed Spencer. Her lover Bersk is also a member of the Order and a were-bear who was killed. Matt is Ann's brother, and not pleased about his sister's death.

Brenna Youngblood

Spence's extremely jealous (psychopathic, and a paranoid delusional) and highly telekinetic girlfriend.


Ariel Tamanaka

Leader of the Order of the White Circle. Rumored to be heading up a project to summon a demon and usher in some sort of new reality.


Rodrigo Masters is a sorcerer involved with Ariel Tamanaka in their current summoning project. Also an “Adept,” a member of the Destined (see below). Recently deceased, killed by the underground.



The name of the entity that's being summoned by Ariel, Masters, et al.

Eugene "Gene" Mayer

An empath hired by Masters to help with securing the mummy at the museum. Not an actual member of the Order of the White Circle. He does desire to become an Adept of the Destined, and seeks Masters' support in achieving that position.


The Destined

The Destined are the heads of much of the organized crime in Chicago, and apparently hold this position in part due to their members known as the “Adepts” who are empaths (mostly sorcerers).


Leader of the Destined, rumored to be either a massively powerful sorcerer, or a darkling (or both)


Mr. Hubert

A.K.A. Belial to his trusted employees and friends. Manager of Club Doomsday, a nightclub located below the Chicago Club (which is apparently the HQ for the Destined)



A woman who works at the Chicago Club and hangs out with Sahasradala.



An accountant who works for the Quateros gang, funneling money up to the Destined. Got the Mai and Leo in contact with Hubert.


Belial's daughter, and Seebach's patient. Also apparently not alive, but still walking around.


Lt. Jorge Rodriguez

Police officer with Chicago PD. Attacked a couple of years ago by some creature that left wounds on him the will not heal. Seeps blood constantly. Obsessed with trying to find out how to heal himself or get revenge on The Destined. Working now with the empathic underground.


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