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Facts of the Case of the Missing Person of Rosa Valacente

- Her uncle Pablo Valacente has hired Mai to look for her, giving Mai Rosa's Emails as a place to start.

- Rosa and Maria had a third roommate's whose name is Barbara Levi. Of Mexican Jewish descent, she has long light brown very curly hair. She doesn't have much to tell of interest, other than to confirm the timeline on the police record, and to say that Rosa told her that she was seeing somebody who worked at Coke.

- In typical fashion of Chicago neighbors for generations (and even more nowadays) nobody saw nothin.

- Interviewing the CPD detective assigned to the case of the disappearance, doesn't bring up much other than what's on the record. But Leo can clearly tell from experience that the reason that the detective is being so terse with them (instead of his explanation which is that he's really too busy to go over a cold case), is that he's scared as hell about something.

- The details of Maria's murder are also pretty sketchy, but both Mai and Leo get a sense that it was a classic murder made to look like a robbery gone wrong.

- Leo also manages to dig up in the records that these two are not the first to turn up missing or dead in relation to the CCEHV. There seems to be a pattern of such events over the past year. Maybe two or three. Depending on how willing one is to believe in the statistical probabilities of the folks disappearing at random. Which is, these days, all too high.

- The timeline (confirmed by Barara Levi) is that Rosa left the apartment on Saturday August 4th at 1:15 PM, telling Ms. Levi that she had something she just had to go back to do at the Village. And she wasn't seen after that point.

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