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After going over everything, the forensics guy with the big glasses and messed up hair reports to Leo the following salient points:

- The murder occurred in Mrs. Calvin’s apartment.

- She was then dragged quickly to the porch. So quickly that only the few drops of blood managed to spill out creating the trail in the hallway.

- This is remarkable, in part because Mrs. Calvin wasn’t exactly a small woman. It would have taken somebody very strong to move the body that fast, probably more than one person.

- They know that it had to be fast, because she was actually disemboweled in her apartment before being taken to the porch out back.

- A good half of her blood is still in the apartment. Along with considerable other gore. Some of the removed organs remain in the apartment. Or parts of them.

- Which organs, or part thereof, remain in the apartment seems to have been random.

- The intestines were ripped out intentionally, however, and mostly preserved to serve as the “noose” by which the corpse was hung on the porch.

- Again, given Mrs. Calvin’s weight, getting her up there, and holding her there while she was tied, would have required great strength, and certainly more than one person.

- This is because it’s clear that the person who hung her stood on the porch as they did so… they didn’t go to the level above to hang her, as there’s no evidence on that floor.

- Whereas there IS evidence of the person standing on the porch on the floor of Leo’s apartment. There seem to be footprints in the blood, though none clear enough to get prints.

- The footprints ARE clear enough to show that the individual was barefoot, and would have worn a size 26 shoe. That figure is approximate.

- Also it’s likely that the figure was very tall, to explain how they were able to throw the intestines up around the railing of the landing on the second floor above the first floor porch. Again, this supports the theory of a second person helping out.

- Opposing the theory is the fact that there is only one set of footprints. Though possibly the second person stood somewhere where blood had not oozed all over as they put her up there.

- Mrs. Calvin, apparently, fought back, having grabbed a knife. There is blood at the scene that does not appear to be hers.

- That blood was found along with some rather longish hairs that are likely body hairs. The assailant, or one of the two at least, was very hairy.

- There was also a cigarette butt left near that other evidence in the apartment. Mrs. Calvin did not smoke, according to the neighbors (and Leo never saw her smoke either). And there was just the one, discarded on the floor.

- They’ve taken the blood, hair, and cigarette butt in for DNA testing.

- The murder weapons was, against all odds, a spoon.

- As for the cat, apparently it was burned with an acetylene torch, that was found in the apartment. They’re not certain, but they feel it may well have been alive when it was burned. Even more odd, however, is that it doesn’t seem to have been bound.

- That seems to indicate that maybe it was already dead, despite other evidence to the contrary.

- Leo, in looking over the gory scene in the apartment, notes that there are traces of rust that are scattered around here and there. But all of those spots are between the door and where the murder took place. What’s more, there’s nothing in the apartment that’s particularly rusty to have shed these particles.

- Also in looking at the cigarette butt, the smell of it is stale. It wasn’t put out at the scene of the crime, but probably days ago.

- Canvasing about, some of the neighbors heard noises coming from Mrs. Calvin’s apartment around the time of the murder, but not for long, and nobody thought to call the police (clearly not wanting to get involved).

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