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Name: Fred Manassah Lane

Sex: Not lately

Description: Paper-pushing gov statistician with family problems discovers children are disappearing and their parents don't know a thing. Doubtful but doesn't let a lead go. His lack of willingness to fudge numbers to make his department look good recently got him fired from a corporation (Coca-cola?) to which his parents have sold their votes for subsistence living. His wife, who liked their corporate lifestyle, divorced him. He really liked being married. He now works for the Department of Governmental Administration.


  • Str:4
  • Int:7
  • Con:10
  • Edu:9
  • Cha:6
  • Emp:0


  • Background: Urban
  • Education: University of Chicago, Applied Statistics
  • Corporate internship
  • Corporate marketing
  • Corporate marketing
  • Gov statiscian


  • Bullshit 3
  • No Bullshit 3
  • Red tape 2
  • Observation 3
  • Data analysis 3
  • Exploit vice 2


  • Her
  • Him
  • Hir
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