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Name: June Forte


Description: short hair, on the taller side, broad shoulders. White, brown hair. Not like, well dressed, but trying. Lots of plaid. Glasses for sure. Heavy rimmed, thick prescription


(Distribute 36 points across these. Empathy costs two for each instead of one.)

  • Str:
  • Int:
  • Agi:
  • Con:
  • Edu:
  • Cha:
  • Emp:
  • Wil:


  • Background:
  • School or Career
  • Advanced Schooling or Career
  • Career
  • Career
  • Career


(distribute 45 points between skills and gear, based on how they were obtained from each phase).

  • This
  • That


(distribute 15 points to gear. Points not spent on gear may be spent on skills instead, but they may not stack higher than the limits that the skill would have given how many phases it was obtained in.)

  • Thing 1
  • Thing 2


(The player may select one contact from each phase of their development, related to that phase. These may be held until after generation to be fleshed out at need, and where plausible.)

  • Her
  • Greg - Early school, she ran with some small-town punks who got into regular fist-fights with racist shitheads. Greg was someone she ran with then, and still calls upon. Probably the crux of a lot of her early radicalization, too.
  • They
  • Him
  • Her
  • They





(replace the placeholders below with any ongoing hinderances carried by the character)

  • Pain
  • Suffering
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