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Dark Conspiracy

Welcome to the conspiracy! (Dark Conspiracy) This game uses a system named Chronica Insidea.


  • Name: Leonard Maxwell
  • Sex: Male
  • Description: Young headstrong man with a rather inflexible moral compass (personal code of conduct, think: boyscout). Average height, average build, not bad looking, always clean cut.
  • XP: 1

Attributes (37)

  • STR: 3
  • INT: 7
  • AGI: 4
  • CON: 4
  • EDU: 6
  • CHA: 6
  • EMP: 0
  • WILL: 7


  • Childhood: Big Sky Country Nightmare
    • Grew up in a rigid, tough home run by his dad, a retired professional killer out in big sky country. His family escaped the gangs because they were all scared of his dad, and so was he and his brother. He eventually escaped early because of his good grades and went into criminal law.
  • School: Criminal Law
    • Quickly earned a reputation as “Mr. Perfect” from his test scores and also “Snow White” because of his crazy moral compass.
  • Career: FBI Errand Boy
    • Corrupt officials quickly noticed his moral compass and tried to get him to quit by making him into a simple “errand boy”, where he assisted agents in the office and vary rarely in the field.
  • Career: FBI Analyst
    • Finally he proved his worth enough to get an analyst position at the office, but a debacle involving office workers scamming hours and him blowing the whistle got him nearly fired and instead transferred.
  • Career: DEA Field Agent
    • Realized that his career was saved by a corrupt benefactor with sway over the government, and now he owns that person a favor. Not happy at all. Outbursts lead him to be transferred to another team.
  • Career: DEA Field Agent
    • Finally settled down and working the case, trying to do what he can to build a case against the corruption inside privately.

Skills (45+4)

  • 10 - Observation
  • 9 - Psychology
  • 7 - Cool
  • 6 - Persuasion
  • 4 - Small Arms
  • 3 - Tracking
  • 3 - Bargain
  • 3 - Medical
  • 3 - Business
  • 3 - Act/Bluff

Contacts (6)

  • Viper: (Burned, why?) A paranoid information monger that Leo uses to create his aliases for the line of duty.
  • Christian: A field operative in the dirtier part of the CIA that Leo owes his life too, occasionally keeps tabs on Leo to make sure he is alive enough to pay him back.
  • “Mac” Mackenzie: (burned, now ex-DEA via uh, plan BANG!) Young very talented programmer in the IT department of the DEA. Helped Leo put together his search engine.
  • Fritz Dursley (Agent F): DEA Lab Tech with immense pharma. knowledge. Also helped Leo build his info network.
  • “Zero Cool”: Online hacker of impressive ill-repute.
  • 6:

Gear (12)

  • 1 - Stunning Tie
  • 2 - Cash in his pocket
  • 2 - Small worn bible he has never opened
  • 3 - Action Gear (armor vest, concealed pistol, etc)
  • 4 - Federal Information Network (Links and resources assembled by himself into a sort of search engine)


  • Bite Wounds 4


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