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Name: Maxine “Max” Moretti

Sex: Female

Description: Maxine “Max” Moretti, a youthful courier/errand girl for the mob. Smart, fast, talented at seeing which way the political wind is blowing. Possibly marked for a hideous transformation into a demonic being.

Bonds: area mob, “Mr. Jones”


(Distribute 36 points across these. Empathy costs two for each instead of one.)

  • Str: 4
  • Int: 7
  • Agi: 7
  • Con: 4
  • Edu: 4
  • Cha: 8
  • Emp: 1


  • Background: Guttersnipe - Max was an ungovernable child pretty well from the start. Her parents were not much able to give her a lot of attention, but were not outright abusive. Just ground down and wasted.
  • Schooling (1): Our Lady of Forbearance Fatima Regular School - further hellion behaviour did not endear Max to the nuns or much of anyone else.
  • Schooling (2): Eventually Max's petty theft and pranking got her in actual trouble and she attended the Lockheed-Bimota Correctional Academy for Girls, which was really a juvenile prison. Intense discipline tended only to harden her resolve. However, her math aptitude did attract attention, both from a sympathetic teacher, and a mob-connected kid who hooked her up. The mob's family-like structure met a deep need in Max and she signed up without thinking too hard about it.
  • Dropout: Max is now a mob “runner”, doing various jobs like running numbers games without a console or writing, which helps a lot of she is caught.




(distribute 45 points between skills and gear, based on how they were obtained from each phase).

  • Will 4
  • Security 5


  • Hideout 5
  • Thing 2


  • Ambiguously amoral mob guy
  • Upstanding correctional school teacher/counsellor
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