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NSA executive apparently interested in finding Devlin. Sent CA #24601 to find her.

Viktoria Johansen

TojiCorp employee who is not as human as she appears. Viktoria runs several clandestine operations on the moon.



Friend of CA #24601 who used to run a black market shop on the moon before he had to flee.


In order of appearance…


HF, for short. An artificial intelligence self-contained in computer units carried in a (well-armed) semi-tractor-trailer rig. Whether or not he has backups of himself somewhere else is unknown, but part of the reason that HF is not in a bunker somewhere is that it worries about being re-taken and it's powers abused by it's creators (it destroyed all of it's backups when it went rogue). It now roams the country, keeping hidden, and seeks to disempower it's creators. It sees friendly humans as useful extensions of itself.


A heavy-set, helpful server at Grandma's Kitchen in Alton.

Sheriff Dan Oakley

Oregon County (the county in which Alton is located) Sheriff. Large and in charge.


Marshall Ronald Deering

Lone empathic crusader against the conspiracy, Ron Deering is a federal Marshall usually tasked with transport of prisoners.


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