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-====== Introduction ====== +Redirect: [[FabIO:FabIO]].
- +
-FabIO is a C++ Discord bot using Sleepy Discord (docs at: [[https://​yourwaifu.dev/​sleepy-discord/​documentation.html]]). Internally it hosts a LUA state for game programming,​ and renders flat html files to visuals. It is meant as a step towards the Zero Project, and allows a wide variety of rpg and board-like games to be played via Discord chat. +
- +
-Given you have access to this forum, you can program the bot using the guide below. Essentially it is as simple as making a wiki page for your game, and then telling the bot to load the code from that wiki page. +
- +
-===== Programming Details ===== +
- +
- +
-===== Game Code Pages ===== +
- +
-  * [[std-lite]] - A generic all purpose game with support for a lot of very basic stuff. Counters, Dice, Sheets, etc. Maintained by JasonP.+
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