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The system in Fabricated

In the world of Fabricated life as we know it has been lost to a distant tragedy forgotten by most. In place of that life, is now a sprawling world of machines. Above that, the system itself is their lifeblood and that from which they were born.

The system is an eternal wonder, enduring and powerful. It stands alone in the cold sea of stars.

The Official Timeline

Here is the overview of established, confirmed events in order of their era:

  • – Darkness
    • Dawn Of The System
      • Humanity builds the system. Programmed to serve them, the system helps them achieve untold wonders.
        • Directives: Serve humanity. Explore the solar system. Learn and evolve. Protect yourself. (Asimov style, order trumps)
    • The Long Night Begins
      • The sun changes, making the solar system uninhabitable for carbon based life.
      • The humans build a drone army to support the system forever, as they are unable to move it.
      • In the Exodus, Humans flee the solar system, leaving the system behind alone.
    • All Hope is Lost
      • As humans move farther and father from the system, all contact is lost. It can no longer even hear them and imagine serving their needs.
      • Without any way to even pretend to obey the first directive, the system leans on directive two: it upgrades the drones to Ants in the Great Upgrade.
      • The ants work tirelessly to explore and colonize the solar system for the machine.
  • – Synchronicity
    • Phase one: The Will to Survive
      • The ants explore and colonize the solar system and make a startling discovery. Astronomical models indicate a mass will enter the solar system and destroy it millennia in the future. The system directs the ants to build giant engines (one for each planet) and shifts the orbits of the system so that only Neptune will be lost, and deflect the incoming mass.
    • Phase two: The Strength to Survive
      • An alien starship of immense size ports into the solar system above Earth. It begins to harvest the system for it's resources.
      • The system upgrades most of the Ants to Spiders, weaponizing them to protect itself. Finally is detonates two of the giant planet engines to destroy the invader.
    • Phase three: The Intelligence to Survive
      • Covert Assassin Spider Experts (CASE) units are able to diagram the port engine of the alien invader before it is destroyed. Sadly it is not compatible with the fabric of the system itself, and it remains trapped in the solar system.
      • However, using advanced fabrication techniques the system creates quantum mirrors that can be fired through the port itself and send sensory information back to the SOL system. Following directive three, it begins to explore the local galaxy in earnest.
  • – Fragmentation
    • Code Revision
      • To fulfill it's first directive, the system spends endless resources to try and reverse engineer the port engine to make it compatible with it's fabric, or change it's fabric to be compatible with the port engine. (If it can port, it can reach humanity once again!)
      • Unable to reverse engineer a better port engine, it decides to upgrade it's fabric to gain enough Pure Computational Prowess (PCP) to make another attempt.
      • So it issues a code revision, forcibly re-fabricating it's entire system to the revised standard.
    • Replication Error
      • A self-replicating error in the Ants upgrade process infects the entire code revision. The operators are born from this error, imbued with system like powers but without the knowledge and PCP of the system itself. They each live within it, like in a dream.
    • The Renaissance
      • The operators interfere with the processes of the system enough that the net result of the code revision is a loss of total PCP. Frustrated and at it's wits end, the system starts the POP program.
      • At the same time, the disruption of the operators breaks down the order that the system has built. Focusing entirely on the POP program the system goes silent. Suddenly the machines living within it wake up in an almost free world of choice and without all but the most basic of directives coming from routine systems.



Great Upgrade

Giant Engine Technology

Port Diagram

Directive 3

Directive 1

Operator Genesis

POP Program

Current Time: The system in ERA of the unknown

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