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./FSCK-US - General Rules

./FSCK-US, say: Local Command F-Sick Dash US or for short: F US is a game in the no-so-far-future where you play agents who are totally not part of an FBI secret group to protect the world from the paranormal. At least, you aren't officially part of the FBI. Are you working for the FBI at all? Now that you mention it your training and instructions were all out-sourced to others and you only have this strange black badge you aren't supposed to show anyone…

Short Introduction to the General Rules

Each General Rule is a blanket statement about the fiction in which the game takes place. As a player, you will be allowed to invoke any of the General Rules for your character's benefit (for a price). In this way the rule is shown to be true. There are three such rules for ./FSCK-US:

The Price of Invoking a Rule

The player pays a price, but not their character. By drawing a Penalty the GM will amass some tokens that are bad for the characters. When that comes into play, who knows.

Can the GM Invoke a Rule?

Yes. The GM can Invoke a rule to just flat out say: This is how things go.

The world has gone weird.

It might not be centuries in the future but the world has… changed. It has broken, and gone all screwy. You just can't take for granted the simple logical results anymore. Sometimes people get blown up and roll out of it unharmed. Sometimes people think they are broke and open their wallet to find several hundreds. As a player, if you can create a crazy explanation that the GM will accept explain away whatever incongruity created by your character's action or situation. Like I said, you have to get the GM to agree though. Now GM, this isn't meant to be a punishment but a job for you to make the weird explanation work in the world you are envisioning.

Agents are big damn heroes.

See the trope: big damn heroes. And that is what the agents are, big damn heroes sir! A player can invoke this rule to have their character arrive just in the nick of time, to avoid a terrible fate, or foil the action of villain when it seems they won't (ASI and interfaces excluded).

The ASI have joker immunity, their interfaces don't.

See the trope: joker immunity. The ASI are pretty much invincible from their very intangible high seat above it all. It is almost impossible to even hurt them in any capacity. While their interfaces are very powerful, such lofty powers do not apply to them. A player can invoke this rule to cut any agent of an ASI down to size.

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