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Greylin Mysteries


The city of Greylin is set in a fantasy world where magic and demons exist, and where the characters work with the powers that be to solve mysteries. Currently a freeform RP.

Greylin and Environs

Greylin is a middling-sized port city in the County of Abliqua, itself a part of the Kingdom of Vopror.


Player Characters

Amelie - a spiritist from a foreign slaver family

Anselm - a traveller from Greylin originally who has found new beliefs


Zeidan - Amelie's loyal slave servant

Baron Benbornt - Sheriff of the County of Abliqua, often charged with investigations

Sergeant Sadorn - a Sergeant with the Greylin City Guard who admires Amelie

Captain Fenrose - Aide de Camp to the Marshall of Vopror

The Inquisition - an order of knights dedicated to eradicating the influence of demons in Vopror

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