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Weapons and Armor

HAT, or HP - AC - TWENTY SIDED, is a roleplaying game that shares three basic concepts with D&D but diverges from there. The three concepts kept from D&D are obvious from the title: HP, AC, and the D20 roll. However, each is expanded in scope.

This page explains a system for weapons and armor in HAT. Its only one of a few, but it is the default one unless you select an alternate.

Using Rules

Getting hit with a weapon is brutal, and we count it like its a second attack that can only be paid for with HP. If the initial attack lands (positive outcome, not Discounted or Evaded) roll a die and add the damage modifier below. Count those Outcome levels as ADDITIONAL injury from the strike.

Having armor on helps SOMEWHAT. If you have armor, you pay 1 AC to activate when hit and reduce the Outcome of the attack by the listed amount. If there are two numbers listed, you pay 1 HP to activate the second in addition to the first. If the ENC is above your STR bonus, pay an additional 1 AC if you activate the armor in a round.

Basic Weapons

Weapon Cost Damage Range Notes
Axe, Battle 10 GP +4 none
Axe, Hand/Throwing 4 GP +0 10 ft. none
Axe, Two-handed 20 GP +8 none
Bardiche 15 GP +5 none
Bec de Corbin 12 GP +4 none
Bill or Billhook 14 GP +5 none
Cat-O-Nine-Tails 9 GP -6 none
Cestus 1 GP +1* +1 adjust to damage
Club +0 10 ft. none
Crowbill (Lucerne) 15 GP +0 none
Dagger 2 GP -4 15 ft. none

Basic Armor

Armor Cost Outcome Enc
Leather 10 GP -1 1
Ring Mail, Hide 20 GP -2 2
Scale Mail, Breastplate 50 GP -3 3
Chain Mail 100 GP -3/-1 4
Banded Mail 150 GP -3/-2 4
Plate Mail 200 GP -3/-3 4
Shield 10 GP If your AC is >=3, -1 to Outcome
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