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Recent and In-Play Events

21 Strawberry (Vadimônia) 882Don Fidelio di Rinaldi marries Amalsand Jakoba. Amalsand and her two children, Vaslov and Annika, join the Rinaldi household.
15 Thunder 882Don Fidelio declares divorce from Amalsand.
20 Thunder 882Don Fidelio and his firstborn son Lucien are found dead in the Rinaldi manor. The Jakobas and Fidelio's second son, Fabrizio, are missing.
5 Harvest 882Malthus, who works for the Triskellian dockmaster, commissions the acquisition of an old cedar box, but has liquidity issues paying for it.Session 0-4
11 Harvest 882A young fox bearing the name of the missing Rinaldi scion appears in Triskellian.Session 0-1
12 Harvest 882An Anonymous mage using the code word 'Recondite' hires crew.Session 0-2
An enormous wolf named Belgrave hunts an Atavist slaver near the Chevernaise Pass.Session 0-3
13 Harvest 882Due to superstition surrounding Amalsand Jakoba's magical practices, the Rinaldi manor stands empty–and ripe for plunder?Session 0-5

Group Goals

  • Capture or kill the Atavist slaver in the Rothos Mountains.
  • Get Shadow the money he's owed.
  • Clean out any valuables sitting in the Rinaldi manor.
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