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Blessings of the Changing Way

(Magic, Journeyman, Synecdoche, Changes)
Requires: Way of Changes, Changing Way Trappings

Action “Winds of Fortune”

You may assist (p. 112) almost any non-combat action using your Will + Supernatural dice, nudging good luck in your target’s direction. You may even assist in a task you’re not present for, if you have synecdoche (p. 312) with the person undertaking the task. However, this versatile magic is not without risk: if you botch the assist roll, the stroke of misfortune that befalls you and the intended beneficiary is likely to be epic!

X (Respite) Long action (five minutes) “Blessing of Future Joy”

By spending five minutes with an ally in mutual visualization of success to come, you provide them with a temporary shield against ill luck. Describe a task or project the target intends to attempt, in a simple phrase or sentence: “interviewing for a job”, “tunneling into the enemy fort”, “stabbing Vaslov Jakoba”, etc. Once before the end of the session, the subject of this magic may reroll all their dice on a roll pertaining to that task, taking the new result.


NameSummaryBook & Page
AcrobatAcrobatic Dash action, stand up faster, Retreat while prone, less fall damagePlayer's Book 50
Brawling FighterParry, Threaten, and Counter with BrawlingPlayer's Book 50
Charging StrikeMove & attack in one actionPlayer's Book 50
ContortionistSqueeze into tight spaces, Retreat in place, Break Free with BrawlingPlayer's Book 50
CowardImproved movement and Dodge while Afraid, become Afraid as ReactionPlayer's Book 50
Fast ClimberClimb without Stunt penaltiesPlayer's Book 50
Fast JumperJump without Stunt penaltiesPlayer's Book 51
Fast SwimmerSwim without Stunt penaltiesPlayer's Book 51
FrenzyBecome Enraged as a ReactionPlayer's Book 51
GiantRequires Body of d12. You are enormous and have extra reachPlayer's Book 51
HikingBonus d12 for travel endurancePlayer's Book 51
Keen EarsNegate highest penalty die on hearing rollsPlayer's Book 51
Keen EyesNegate highest penalty die on vision rollsPlayer's Book 51
Keen NoseNegate highest penalty die on hearing rolls, bonus d12 on tracking and foragingPlayer's Book 51
LegerdemainSteal items mid-combat or draw concealed weapon without Stunt penaltiesPlayer's Book 51
Melee FinesseUse Speed instead of Body for melee combatPlayer's Book 52
Mounted FighterMount adds your Riding to defensesPlayer's Book 52
Night VisionTreat poor lighting as fair lightingPlayer's Book 52
PacifistAdd d12 to all defenses, exhausts when you hurt someonePlayer's Book 52
ParkourWall-run as a StuntPlayer's Book 52
Springing StrikeImmediately move away after successful attackPlayer's Book 53
Sure-FootedIgnore bad footing, treat Sprint rolls as FavoredPlayer's Book 53


NameSummaryBook & Page
Animal HandlingUse Rally action on animalsPlayer's Book 53
ArtistBonus d12 to create or gossip about chosen type of artPlayer's Book 53
Clear-HeadedAs a Reaction, exhaust to negate or downgrade various mental statusPlayer's Book 54
Craft SpecialtyBonus d12 for chosen type of CraftPlayer's Book 54
Dead ReckoningBonus d12 for land navigationPlayer's Book 54
Extra Favorite+1 Mark and additional Favored specialty with chosen SkillPlayer's Book 54
First AidBonus d12 and no Stunt penalties for first aidPlayer's Book 54
GamblingBonus d12 on games of chance and related rollsPlayer's Book 54
GeographyBonus d12 on knowledge rolls about places and populationsPlayer's Book 54
HeraldryBonus d12 to recognize nobility and their flagsPlayer's Book 54
HistoryBonus d12 on knowledge rolls about the pastPlayer's Book 54
Junk ExpertPull whatever Cheap item you need from your handy bundlePlayer's Book 54
LanguageSpeak and understand another languagePlayer's Book 55
MedicineBonus d12 for diagnosis and healingPlayer's Book 55
Melee FervorUse Will instead of Body for melee combatPlayer's Book 55
Melee GuileUse Mind instead of Body for melee combatPlayer's Book 55
Mystic of …Bonus d12 with chosen style of magicPlayer's Book 55
OverconfidenceBonus d12 by awarding opposition a d12Player's Book 55
Pack TacticsBonus d8 to Tactics if ally also has this Gift, d12 if they're GuardingPlayer's Book 56
Piety of …Bonus d12 in matters of a chosen religionPlayer's Book 56
SailingBonus d12 on rolls involving boatsPlayer's Book 56
SpelunkingBonus d12 on rolls involving caves and the undergroundPlayer's Book 56
TeamsterBonus d12 on rolls involving animal-powered vehiclesPlayer's Book 56
TrackingBonus d12 to follow trailsPlayer's Book 56
Unshakeable FighterImmune to Afraid effect from OverkillPlayer's Book 56
Vengeful FighterBonus d12 to Counter-Attack when Hurt, Injured, or SickPlayer's Book 56


NameSummaryBook & Page
BriberyBonus d12 when bribing or preparing to bribePlayer's Book 57
CarousingBonus d12 in drinky situationsPlayer's Book 57
CosmopolitanUse Culture Skills and Gifts outside your native culturePlayer's Book 57
DiplomacyBonus d12 for Negotiation rolls spanning a full ScenePlayer's Book 57
DisguiseBonus d12 to appear as someone else or blend into a crowdPlayer's Book 57
EtiquetteBonus d12 in formal high-society functionsPlayer's Book 57
Fast-TalkBonus d12 for sub-Scene-length NegotiationsPlayer's Book 57
HagglingDiscount on buying, markup when selling, full value Quincunxes, bonus d12 to negotiate salesPlayer's Book 57
HonorBonus d12 to thwart someone dishonorably interfering with your sworn dutyPlayer's Book 57
Insider with …Bonus d12 with a specific faction or groupPlayer's Book 58
LawBonus d12 for legal mattersPlayer's Book 58
Legal AuthorityPrivileges of an officer of the law. Exhaust to push Influence unconditionallyPlayer's Book 58
Local Knowledge of …Bonus d12 on rolls related to a specific regionPlayer's Book 58
Low ProfileBonus d12 to blend into crowdsPlayer's Book 59
NobilityMembership in a noble family. Bonus d12 when you can pull rank, exhaust to push InfluencePlayer's Book 59
OratoryBonus d12 for public speakingPlayer's Book 59
Ordainment in …Official clergy of a religion. Bonus d12 on matters of that religion, exhaust to push InfluencePlayer's Book 59
Performance of …Bonus d12 to a chosen style of performancePlayer's Book 59
SeductionBonus d12 in matters of romancePlayer's Book 59
ShadowingBonus d12 for following peoplePlayer's Book 59
SurvivalBonus d12 to live off the landPlayer's Book 60
Team PlayerGrant d12 when helping instead of d8Player's Book 60
WealthStart with Expensive gear, bonus d12 when you can assert your richitude, exhaust to push InfluencePlayer's Book 60

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