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House Rules

Things we're doing not strictly by the book.

  • Literacy (corebook p. 9): Characters are literate in the languages they speak. If you want to play a character who can't read and write, you can take “Illiteracy” as a Flaw!
  • Experience (corebook p. 133): Disregard the sentence beginning “You must immediately spend those Experience…”. Players can bank as much Experience as desired and spend it at any time.
  • The Way of Changes (Book of Jade p. 510): Doesn't require Zhongwen Language. You may take Apprentice Magic Gifts without the Trappings prerequisite, to represent self-taught or instinctive magic. If you take this option, replace “X (Battle)” refresh abilities with “X (Chapter)”. If you obtain the relevant Trappings Gift later, the refresh rate returns to as written.
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