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ETF Corvette Boston

  • General Specs: Catamaran (Scale 8), ISO Reactor Single Core ISO 2 (2), Systems (9)
  • Designation: EOV Boston, as launched from Endeavor station June 3111.
  • Systems: 2 light, 2 medium, 1 heavy
    • Automated Medical Bay (L):
    • Automated Gadget Workshop (L):
    • Advanced Sensor Array (M):
    • Short Range HUP Guns (M):
    • Harmonic Shield Grid (H):

Boston Crew

25 Total at launch, +1 (Pete's officer, session 3)

  1. Captain: Todd, intellectual, young and full of ideas.
  2. Executive Officer: Zoo Not Schuck (Dan's PC), think Micheal Ironside from Starship Troopers. Grizzled combat veteran with an attitude.
  3. Chief Engineer: Gary, veteran engineer, wants to let everyone else do his work, Danny Devito.
  4. Chief Medical: Dima (Loren's PC), Russian medical specialist and academic.
  5. Chief Security: Dasyuridae (Jeff's PC), Hoo Shoo Whee, furry ninja operative.
  6. Engineer Officer: Grant Brown (Adam's PC), greedy gadget collector.
  7. Expanse Liason: Kay, Hoo Shoo Whee, quiet and compassionate. No official position.
  8. Officer: Jack, Crazed social luminary, commander. Male. Command.
  9. Officer: Vernon, Kol Ten. Personnel and duty manager. Command.
  10. Officer: Adrian, security. Male.
  11. Officer: John, command, (Pete's PC) none.
  12. Petty Officer: Sarah. Science Specialist (Exotic). Female.
  13. Petty Officer: Kyle Long. ISOtech specialist, engineer, Silver Sentinels. Male.
  14. Petty Officer: Smith, Guu Emm Shee. Science.
  15. Crewman: Mavis, Gaa Men. Science.
  16. Crewman: Leena. Medical. Female.
  17. Crewman: Santana. Medical. Female.
  18. Crewman: Ardele. Science. Male.
  19. Crewman: Meg. Security. Female.
  20. Crewman: Monet. Security. Male.
  21. Crewman: Eryn. Engineer. Female.
  22. Crewman: Davis, Guu Emm Shee.
  23. Crewman: Ava, Gaa Men. Science.
  24. Crewman: Basil. Science. Male.
  25. Crewman: Miyoko, Taak Rhay (Human). Engineer. Young slender.
  26. Crewman: Mercy. Science. Male.
  • Ursula Troop Commander

Crew Contacts

  • Dima
    • Gray Skulls: Tyler.
    • ETF: Whitney, board member.
    • Social System: Avery.
  • Day
    • ETF: Spencer.
    • Hoo Shoo Whee: Liam.
  • Grant Brown
    • Gray Skulls: Helen.
    • Indigo: Quasar.
    • ETF: Whitney
  • John
    • Golden Artisans: Abbey
  • Zoo
    • Indigo: Graham

Angel Directives

  1. Angel may not injure a crew member or through inaction allow a crew member to come to harm.
  2. Obeys orders by members of the crew and HADAR.
  3. Protect its own existence and log all user interaction and direct summaries to Day (Chief Security).


  • Star Maps (Misc, Edge of Serpentine Spinway): 8d+2
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