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Agent Concepts

This is a collect of stock ideas for Agents in Karbon, a roleplaying game about a future which questions many aspects of humanity. Each of these is a nearly complete character, with most (or all) of the Agent points used. These concepts only define: Options, Abilities, and Gear for an Agent and have a little idea of who the agent is attached. It will take only minor effort to complete them and have an Agent ready to play.


  • Exceptional Confidence Man: This Agent was one hell of a con man, and it translates into their abilities as an Agent of the Program.
  • Paramilitary Footman: This Agent was recruited from some paramilitary outfit, making them a serious fighter as an Agent.
  • Young Wire Runner: The traditional hacker type, this Agent abuses the wire for knowledge and profit.
  • Hard-boiled Detective: This Agent was a detective before being recruited, and their keen insight offers them an edge navigating the murky waters of the program's lies.
  • Captain of Industry: This Agent was once a powerful CEO, before they learned too much and the program brought them into the fold.
  • Old Centauri Sniper: The support and sniper type, trained on the Centauri stations, known for their ability and harsh demeanor.


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