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Moments of Madness in Karbon

This is how Moments of Madness are handled in the rules for playing Karbon. In these cases, the Agent suffers a temporary mental break and has to deal with the Fallout of it.

The Process

  1. The Agent makes a Doubt draft, rolling a six-sided die and if its higher than their Doubt (or six) increase Doubt one. Moments of Madness always make the Agent more likely to be labeled a Karbon. Once an Agent has 7 doubt they are a Karbon.
  2. If the Agent has one or more doubt, roll two ten-sided dice. For each die that comes up equal to or less than Doubt, record one Suspicion against the Agent. If an Agent has reached three or more Suspicion they are suspected of being a Karbon by the program and earn the Program Suspicion fallout.
  3. Roll a six-sided die to determine what form the madness takes:
    • 1) Paranoia
    • 2) Homicidal Mania
    • 3) Dementia
    • 4) Identity Crisis
    • 5) Obsession
    • 6) Breakdown
  4. Play out some short fiction in the current scene, or at the start of next scene if not in a scene, that reveals the temporary madness.

The Forms

  • Breakdown: The agent just can’t take it anymore and loses the ability to make rational choices, their brain overloaded. The agent must do the first wild thing as suggested by another Agent's player. Make sure this a wild suggestion.
  • Dementia: The agent loses their grip on reality and is now convinced that something outrageous is true, the more outrageous the idea the better. They then take action to prove it or explore the ramifications.
  • Homicidal Mania: The agent loses control to their destructive, aggressive impulses and starts to let loose any anyone that angers them or has wronged them before.
  • Identity Crisis: The agent loses the ability to remember who they are, and likely instead believe they are somebody else entirely. Take action based on the answer to: What does this other person want?
  • Obsession: The agent has lost all control of their desires and is now obsessed with something. They will stop at nothing to have it, and go on a mindless bender for it.
  • Paranoia: The agent loses the ability to discern friend from foe, and literally believes everyone is out to get them. Act accordingly, and carry out any mad ideas that come to mind.
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