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The Whitelist: PSI-9 Device

This is the list of stock PSI-9 Device gear for Karbon, part of The Whitelist.

  • Cost: 21 kcred, 6 steps
  • Training: Guile Force: 4
  • Feature(s): 1; Break
  • Scope: Point-blank, One-target
  • The scramblebox is a small device held in the mouth of the user. Using nano scanners it reads the user’s thoughts and then creates an injection point onto their finger tips. If the user can touch a target, that target may fall prey to doing what the user wishes as they suffer a moment of confusion when the device loads their brain with those thoughts (a mental invasion). On any break result of four or more, the player can elect to put three steps on stack of the guile conflict if controlling the thoughts of a person may help them win it.
Reality Filter
  • Cost: 15 kcred, 5 steps
  • Training: Guile & Hack Force: 3
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+3
  • Scope: Range, One-target
  • The reality filter is linked to the user's rooted omni and lets them filter the information a target gets, given they are also using a rooted omni and its common AR features. When the agent commits to the behavior “exploiting the target's AR” they earn the steps towards the applicable conflict. There is a 4+ chance on any hurdle that safety scanners will detect the illegal use and reverse hack, raising the challenge level one each time this happens.
Mind Weave
  • Cost: 28 kcred, 7 steps
  • Training: Guile or Hack Force: 5 (Peerless)
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+2
  • Scope: Range, One-target
  • The mind weave is a handheld device the size of a pen that links the user to the mind of one target if they are using AR. In this case, its like they have communed with them, and can get an understanding of what the target wants and thinks in real time. The agent may takes 1 to 5 steps off the stack in this conflict once to create an asset from the target: mind exploit. Treat this as a regular asset they can exchange as blackmail for kcred or apply to other applicable conflict as assistance.
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