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The Whitelist: Reflection

This is the list of stock Reflection gear for Karbon, part of The Whitelist.

Vicker's Versal' Library 2200
  • Cost: 10 kcred, 4 steps
  • Training: Hack or Savvy Force: 4
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+2
  • Scope: Self
  • This reflection looks like a small book-sized box that links to an omni. In return it offers access to the Versal’ Library, not unlike our modern day Wikipedia on crack. When the agent commits to the behavior “searching for a solution”, they earn +2 steps for Hack or Savvy applicable conflicts.
Security Essentials XXV
  • Cost: 21 kcred, 6 steps
  • Training: Hack Force: 4
  • Feature(s): 1; Break
  • Scope: Self
  • This reflection looks like a small metallic disc that links to an omni. In return it lets the user access the combined knowledge of a great many hackers and security experts, a collection known as Security Essentials. When the agent rolls a break on an applicable hacking conflict, they may sacrifice a fortune to win the conflict.
Ghost Dump
  • Cost: 6 kcred, 3 steps
  • Training: Hack & Savvy Force: 4
  • Feature(s): 1; Trigger(7, Yellow)
  • Scope: Self, One-Target
  • This reflection looks like a small silver cube with binary encoding on the outside. A user can link it to their Omni and another's brain with any Uplink to dump their knowledge into it. Its not a personality dump, just pure data of experiences and knowledge from the target. The user risks social injury (during the trigger conflict) from stigma against doing something so invasive and seen as morally bankrupt, the whole process is complicated solely to mask the identity of the user doing it. The user can bypass the trigger conflict and just take 3 steps of social injury if they choose. Any conflict won after this dump offers a knowledge asset as the narrator chooses.
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