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The Whitelist: Rooted Omni

This is the list of stock Rooted Omni gear for Karbon, part of The Whitelist.

Banker Class Omni
  • Cost: 15 kcred, 5 steps
  • Training: Hack Force: 3
  • Feature(s): 1; Break
  • Scope: Self
  • This omni was previously used by a banker, as they use a different and more powerful model than is found on the street. When this omni is used in a conflict that leads to the purchase on an asset, all participating agents may draw kcreds of funds from their bank. If the player of the agent using this omni in a hack applicable conflict rolls a break, they may elect to recover one burned fortune. Only one banker class omni may be in play during a conflict at any time, and if multiple players wish to employ them, only the one with the most fortune can.
Sinister Omni
  • Cost: 6 kcred, 3 steps
  • Training: Hack Force: 1
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+2
  • Scope: Self
  • Sinister, a street group dedicated to freeing the wire, developed these special rooted omnis years back. When an agent commits to “rolling sinister on the wire” they may add +2 steps to their hack applicable conflicts. For each sinister omni enabled agent in a group, raise the step of earned assets one, though you still must pay for this higher step cost.
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