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The Whitelist: Sparkle Nano

This is the list of stock Sparkle Nano gear for Karbon, part of The Whitelist.

Celestial System
  • Cost: 6 kcred, 3 steps
  • Training: Hack Force: 3
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+1
  • Scope: Self
  • This is a treatment that gives the user a replacement immune system driven by nano. The nano also links the users brain and devices more effectively, allowing a +1 step bonus to Hack applicable conflicts when the agent commits to the behavior “linking up”. This system also acts as nano armor, resisting the effects of any nano that might directly affect the user such as PSI-9 devices, Black Nano, and other Sparkle Nano. Consider the user and their items immune to any force 2 or less gear of these types, and give them a 4+ chance of resisting force 3.
Light Storm
  • Cost: 10 kcred, 4 steps
  • Training: Guile Force: 2
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+2
  • Scope: Short-Range, Everyone
  • This nano cloud disperses to create an environment of intense and blinding bursts of light for its short duration. Everyone in the cloud (scope) is subject to a 4+ chance of being able to do nothing, consider this total distraction. Regardless the user of the cloud must be at its center, and it takes all their attention: total distraction. During this pause however all present agents are calmed and can recover one burned fortune. The lightstorm only works once in a given conflict.
Prismatic Ray
  • Cost: 10 kcred, 4 steps
  • Training: Guile Force: 1
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+3
  • Scope: Short-Range, Everyone
  • This nano cloud forms a glowing orb of patterned light on command. This light causes the victims looking at it to become weak of mind. When the agent commits to the behavior “look at this, so beautiful…” they earn +3 steps to the applicable conflict. However if they roll low automatically raise the risk of the conflict.
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