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Kay Zahn

An agent of [Chris] for the Karbon Play Test Solaris.


  • Name: Kay Zahn, a.k.a. K-Zon
  • Height/Frame: Tall, Solid
  • Gender: Male
  • Details: ?



  • Fight 4 [x]
  • Prowess 4 [x]
  • Hand-Eye 4 [x]
  • Prowl 4 [x]
  • Guile 4 [x]
  • Hack 3 [x][x]


  • Charm 0 [ ]
  • Standing 0 [ ]
  • Savvy 0 [ ]
  • Trickery 0 [ ]
  • Insight 4 [x]
  • Scheme 0 [ ]


  • Safe Suit: CLASS (Armor); Features 1-Step/+1; Step 2 Cost 3; FORCE 2; SKILL (Fight); SCOPE (Self); Limitation: 4+ chance of hitting a weak part in the armor and losing its effect for this moment. This is a business suit on the surface, but is backed by shielding and hardened fibers for protection. When the agent commits to the behavior “moving defensively”, they earn the step bonus to their physical immunity
  • Suspensors: CLASS (Amplifier); Features 1-Opening; Step 3 Cost 6; FORCE 1; SKILL (Hand Eye & Prowess); SCOPE (Self). Suspensors are a set of 7 coin sized devices that are wore over the torso and limbs (often under clothes). These, when activated, make the user weightless for short bursts of a few seconds, and energize your movements. You can activate this Opening feature to earn a 2 step advantage for any prowess and hand-eye combo actions. Think of this as a sudden burst of agility and motion.


  • Natural Genius: Your agent is a genius, naturally good at brainy things. You add one level to Hack and Guile. All rolls you make for Hack get a bonus die.
  • Hawkeye: Your agent has great acuity and sight. You add one level to both Hand-Eye and Prowl. Your agent may deplete fortune to earn bonus dice for Hand-Eye rolls, but never more than three at once.
  • Lightning Reflexes: Your agent has amazing reflexes. You add one level to both Fight and Prowess. Your agent may deplete fortune to buy bonus dice for Fight rolls, but never more than three at once.
  • Experience x3: Your agent has gained real world experience, making them better at their abilities. Pick one ability and earn training in that ability. Add one level to any one other ability.


  • Fortune: 6 dice
  • Injury
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Social
  • Immunity
    • Physical 0
    • Mental 0
    • Social 0
  • Ranks
    • Agency 1
    • Mainstream 3
    • Infamy 3


  • Current: 0
  • Minimum: 0


  • CARD: 15 kcred
  • BANK: 85 kcred
  • Mazda's Trust: 3 Steps
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