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Solaris Playtest


  1. Lx
  2. Chris
  3. Ximni


  • (1) Why must we break the rules to succeed? - Lx [?] [ ] [ ]
  • (2) Why are the field agents so autonomous? - JP [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • (3) What do the authorities fear about the Karbons? - Mike [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Who will help an agent when they are wrapped in madness? - Ximni [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • (4) Who is really in control of the program? - Chris [ ] [ ] [ ]


  • Mac McGowan - JP's agent, a 3x Career Criminal and pilot.
  • Inga Gozerian - Lxndr's agent, heavily augmented.
  • Kay Zahn - Chris' agent, a former rogue cop inducted into The Agency after seeing too much.
  • Ariel Tanaka - Mike's agent, a fragile mastermind from an important family.
  • Hank Williams - Ximni's agent, investigator extraordinare.


  • Mike: (1) We have to break the rules in order to stop the Karbons from taking over the general populace, because they hide behind the rules, using legitimate fronts to shield themselves from our actions. [3] [ ] [ ]

Floating Profiles

  • Aasimov: Some kind of AI antichrist. Need: Remake.
  • Jack Woods: Top Rated System Detective, Old friend of K-Zon, Enemy of Mac.
  • Sola: A girl on the run. Need: A future. Charm 3.

(I) Initial floating profiles.

Defined Profiles

  • Ogurun. Need: certain genetic code. Gear: Alter gene code. Asian descent Geneshop owner. Link: Discovered karbon genetic code by mistake, protected by powerful friends, owes Inga, some kind of relationship with Inga.
  • Egon Gozerian. Committed Agent, Confirmed Loyalties, and Need:? . Link: Brother of Inga, thinks the Lie is a lie. Status: Agency arrest.
  • Mazda. Insight 4, Prowess 4. Agent Foil/Opposition. Link: Connected to Yoshida/Karbon, crush or something of K-Zon.
  • Carlos Block. Fight 3, Kcred Card: 40. Street Muscle. Link: Possible Karbon.
  • An Sheng Hui: Vice Minister, Internal Security Branch. Link: Egon's conspiracy source. Status: Mind-raped and left for dead, Agency arrest.
  • Franklin Tanaka/Jun Yoshida: Government Lobbyist, businessman of influence, deceased. Impersonated by Jun Yoshida as he attempted to “deal with” the loose-end of Mazda. Link: Yoshida family.


  • Episode 1
    1. 1 Ogurun, being Mr. Genetic Code, has discovered that there are non-humans (Karbons), in his search for his desired genes. And he wants to go public.
    2. 2 Egon, agent extraordinare, has a theory that the program's Lie (Mike's) is in fact a lie and is trying to sneak intelligence out of your supervisor's HQ.
    3. 3 Mazda, mysterious agency foil, has been tagged by surveillance entering the Number 1 Happy Noodle Factory. A known front for the Yoshida crime family.
    4. 4 Carlos Block has been doping himself with blood from a Karbon to win fights at an underground fighting club in order to gain fame, power and wealth to take over the gang he's in.
    5. 5 Egon attempts to recruit the Agents into his conspiracy.
    6. 6 Mazda, thinking she has made a deal to save herself from the Program, has taken time aside to get married. However, she didn't count on the fact that deal is only with one Supervisor, not the entire program. Another splinter of the program, one with blood on her hands discovers the location and decides it would be a good time to deal with her once and for all.
  • Episode 2
    1. 7
    2. 8
    3. 9



  • Lx/Inga - Ogurun owes Inga: 3 steps
  • Ximni/Hank - “Number 1 Security Back Door” 3 steps, in the context of Yoshida crime family.
  • Chris/K-Zon - Mazda's Trust: 3 Steps


  • Inga: Program thinks Inga has lost likely her marbles.
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