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Overview of the Voice-over Rights

These are the basic rules for using Voice-over Rights in Karbon.


At the start of each scene, the Player with the Agent that has the most Fortune in that scene earns Voice-over Rights (Narrator's choice in case of a tie). They may then use them once to do a voice-over narration, just as if their Agent was talking in the third-person to the players of the game. The voice-over must show how the Agent feels about something happening in the scene, or something connected to the action in the scene. When the player does this, they take a die of their choice from the Reserves. After this voice-over is done, they pass the rights to the player of the Agent with the next highest Fortune (their choice in the case of a tie). If their Agent has the least Fortune they turn over the rights to the Narrator.

If the Narrator has the rights to voice-over, they may voice-over for any agent in the scene. They take a die from the Reserves just like a player would, and pass the rights back to the player of the Agent with the highest Fortune.

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