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Frigate Class Starships

Index: These Are The Voyages or LUPOS

Ship Table: Monitor, Cutter, Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Flagship, Explorer, Dreadnought

The frigate is the most common class of starship in Earth fleet, with the Corvette and Destroyer coming up close second. They are the perfect blend of speed and utility, filling a large range of roles in the fleet. A short range rigged frigate will have one more capacity than listed here, most generally placed into Defenses as they tend to be the shielding ships of the line.


  • Scale: 4 (10H)
  • Range: Short or Medium
  • Crew: 120-180
  • Superstructure: 12-18
  • Capacities:
    • Sublight: 4
    • Lightspeed: 4
    • Weaponry: 3
    • Defenses: 3
    • Hold: 2
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