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 ^2d6 ^Result ^Defined Trade Good ^Unit Increment ^Base Price GP^ ^2d6 ^Result ^Defined Trade Good ^Unit Increment ^Base Price GP^
 +|2 |High-Pressure or Temperature-Resistant Components |1d6 x 6 |25 |
 +|3โ€“5 |Protective or Specialised Clothing |1d6 x 5 |50 |
 +|6โ€“8 |Survival Equipment/​Colonisation Kits |1d6 x 5 |100 |
 +|9โ€“11 |Computerised Job-related Gear |1d6 x 2 |125 |
 +|12 |Starship Add-Ons/​Powered Armour Components |1d6 |150 |
 +Needs work.
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