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Basic Info

Name: Tarmaine Tarascansar
Order: Magician
Circle: 3rd
Race: Elf


Spirit: 8D -2D

Attributes and Abilities

  • Strength 3D
    • Brawl
    • Endurance
    • Might
    • Run
    • Swim
  • Dexterity 2D
    • Aim
    • Pilot
    • Ride
    • Stunt
    • Throw
  • Perception 2D
    • Bluff
    • Command
    • Intimidate
    • Notice
    • Persuade
  • Knowledge 5D
    • Languages 6D
    • Lore 7D
    • Kingdoms 6D
    • Markets
    • Trivia
  • Brilliance 4D
    • Hide
    • Investigate
    • Science
    • Search
    • Trick
  • Sorcery 6D
    • Spatial 8D
    • Enchantment 8D
    • Sensing 8D


  • Racial: Scion of Elder Line
  • Racial: Attuned to Otherworlds
  • Heroic: Navigator of Magical Forms


  • Knows Hidden Paths 1D
  • Haggles Vigorously 1D
  • Notes Small Details 1D



  • Pack of Magic Paraphernalia


  • Dragon's Glass


  • Staff
  • 5 Days Iron Rations
  • 40 GP worth of material components
  • 40 GP Coin


  • Guards & Wards (6)
  • Legend Lore (6)
  • Enchant Item (6)


  • Deep Rune of Otherwhere: Gate (9), Tiny Hut (3)
  • Celestial Rune of Transplacement: Phase Door (4), Blink (3), Teleport (5)
  • Weird Rune of Protection: Guards and Wards (6), Protection from Evil 10 (3), Protection from Normal Missiles (3)
  • Celestial Rune of Charming: Charm Person (1), Charm Monster (4), Friends (1)
  • Weird Rune of Enchantment: Magic mouth (2), Enchant Item (6), Enchanted Weapon (4)
  • Deep Rune of Scrying: Wizard Eye (4), Legend Lore (6), Locate Object (2)




Tarmaine Tarascansar goes by just the name Tar with his friends, and usually pretends not to have a last name, because of all of the baggage that goes along with his family's history. Tar was born in The Blessed Charioteer's Land, his parents having fled there due to a plauge that swept through their family lands, killing all in it's wake. They had been staying with elven royalty there to whom they are distantly related. The royals accused Tar's family of negligence both in fleeing from the dying elves in their lands, and in possibly bringing the disease to court. His parents were unjustly and permanently detained, not allowed to return back to their homeland in the mundane world. This was seen by the royals as a very wise and lenient punishment, given that they see their realm as paradise. The royals assumed that it was the taint of the mundane world that caused the family to have made such gross errors in judgement, and keeping them on hand in the blessed realms would eventually cure them of this taint.

Tar, on the other hand, not being found guilty of the dishonors in question, was sent back to be raised by his uncle, his only remaining relative. Tar has been back to visit his family on a few occasions, and thus has met his two younger brothers, both born and raised in the (otherworld). But for the most part he stays far away, out of the nonsense of court intrigues.

It was assumed that Tar would have the same magical talents as his mother (see below), but as he grew, he noted that he seemed to have an ability to transcend single magical methodologies, and soon learned spells from many schools, gaining more and more as time went on. This, however, not only alienated him somewhat from his mother, but also from many who might have been magical mentors, who saw this talent as something of an abomination (at least that's how they cast it, probably it was jealousy in part or in whole). In any case, he's had to hustle to gain the magical knowledge he has, and simply doesn't fit in with any magical establishment.

Tar is down of late (see Slicer below), and so has taken to gambling a lot to lift his spirits. There's a good chance he's become addicted to it.


Tar's relations with his family are not very good, on the whole, which explains why he doesn't go see them more often.


The older brother feels that Tar has abandoned the family, and thus is always irritated when he visits, even capable of taking steps to avenge himself on Tar in any of several ways.


The younger brother also reacts negatively, but in a more simply condescending way. He believes that their family is destined to live there, and better off for it, an idea put into his head by some of his friends in the royal family. He thinks Tar is stupid for not joining them in paradise. He's smart enough that he could probably see the error of his POV if he were to travel some.


Tar's father was a landed knight of an Elven order called The Society of the Golden Stone before his detention. He and his wife actually worked their estate themselves, with the help of their staff. Filarion used to be suspicious of his son's motives, based on rumors he'd heard from those in the royal court, and his own conjecture regarding why Tar hasn't ever made a rescue effort. Now Fillarion is pointedly ignoring Tar, because he's learned with great confidence that Tar has never spied on them or otherwise been in the pay of others, and understands less than ever why Tar hasn't tried to save them.


Tar's mother has tried to get Tar involved in one of her mercantile schemes, running things back and forth from the otherworld, but he's not been interested, having his own agenda. His mother thinks he's a fool for not taking advantage, though it's not as though she won't change her mind as soon as some new schme comes along.

Notable Friends


The one exception to Tar's tendency to be shunned by those in magical professions was another outcast mage named Draanien. Draanien was a seer who taught Tar a great deal (and not just about Sorcery), and helped him see the future. Parts of these visions are what has lead Tar to not take part in trying to free his family… supposedly some horrid fate awaits should that happen. On the other hand, other things he's seen he's tried to adjust. So he's not entirely consistent with how he deals with the things he saw with Draanien's spells.


Another friend he had was a scoundrel named Faeron, who convinced Tar to steal a set of charms from the royal court (acquiring charms and magical doodads was something that Tar had already started by this time). The royals, instead of using them, kept them in cases for display as curiosities… something that Tar feels is wrong. On the other hand, he's conflicted, because he knows that theft isn't right, and because he was suspected of it, even if nobody could prove it was him. This has put even more bad light on his family. In any case, Faeron (who is actually one of Tar's cousins) respects this act of daring, and remains an ally to Tar in (the otherworld). Faeron is an important member of a strange sort of upper-class “thieves guild” at court.


Elshidiel is Tar's one great love. She is into demonology, however, and Tar always worried that she would one day end up dead or in horrible straits. She couldn't take his worrying, so she decided to call off the romantic end of the relationship. They remain friends to this day, however. The problem is that it's not over for Tar. He still worries about her when he hears what she's up to, and will come running from any distance to help her if he hears she's in trouble, or else feel very weak and powerless.


Tar has been down of late, because his long-time pet, a small lilac and plum purple female frog with the ability to communicate telepathically named Slicer, died just a short while ago. Slicer was afraid of heights, but a fairly neat pet, helping Tar by sorting things out in his pack of paraphrenalia (something Tar really appreciated given all of the clutter he collects). Tar has been looking half-heartedly for a replacement for Slicer since her demise.

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