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The Cursed Axe

The inn with the sign of an ax with evil eyes over it can be found on Unicorn's Circus, in a traveller's quarter near the port filled with busy shops and cold-hearted mercenaries awaiting ships abroad. The street outside is filled with the scent of burning wood. The edifice itself is a sprawling single story wooden building (the Sicag are not capable of building higher), with roughly hewn wooden tables and benches. Several battered shields hang on the walls. Accommodations consist of a few small rooms with straw mats and straw mats near the hearth.

  • Millet Bread and Curd Cheese, Mug of Beer (4 cp)
  • Roasted Yak and Watercress, Tankard of Bitter (11 cp)
  • Stewed Eel and Asparagus, Tankard of Perry (10 cp)
  • Vegetable Stew, Mug of Ale (4 cp)
  • Millet Porridge, Mug of Mead (3 cp)

Note that the millet is grown only in small quantities locally (sometimes ships carrying it come in from the mainland), and considered, if not a delicacy, something special. Despite tasting quite awful to palates that are used to other grains.


  • Gerey Wyne: A male Hui Fighter, of honorable intentions. Gerey has braided black hair and dark hazel eyes. He wears splint mail and wields a two-handed sword. Gerey is kind and jealous.
  • Wyny: Male Human Druid, Neutral. Wyny is fey in appearance (one might correctly deduce his slight elven heritage), with long brown hair and brown eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a club and darts. Wyny is searching for his missing daughter.
  • Biorne: Male Dwarf Illusionist, from an enclave of dwarves in the mountains of Varya. Biorne has a long face, with cropped copper hair and large brown eyes. He wears blue robes and wields a dagger and darts. Biorne blames dragons for every misfortune.
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