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Duties in Paradox

Paradox is the latest attempt to create a viable system for Karbon.

Each Agent in the game has Features that connect them to duties in play. Here are the duties described with sample Features. In addition, each Duty is linked to four Simple Steps. Two of these simple steps are specific to that Duty, one is a common simple step they are better at, and the last is a simple step from another Duty they share.


The Bruiser is the ganger, the street thug, the hired muscle. They are similar to the soldier, but travel in the world of the Syndicate (criminal underground).


The Captain is the leader, and doesn't need a boat per say. Your boss at work is the Captain, as is a CEO. They are a leader among men.


The Doctor is a specialist of some note. They need not be a medical doctor, just accomplished in a technical field.


The Ghost is the invisible man. In the world of Karbon, a Ghost has wiped their identity and simply doesn't exist. When someone wants something done off the records, they find a Ghost. They are data specialists like Hackers, but very different in social circles. Hackers live on the wire, and Ghosts live in the shadows.


The Hacker runs on the wire (think internet x1000), operating outside all authority. If there was a common criminal of the world of Karbon, they would fit the bill. They are similar to Ghosts, but travel in different circles. Hackers live on the wire, and Ghosts in the shadows.


The Hustler is something between a confidence man and socialite. They are the people that work people.


The Investigator is the detective, the hunter, the one searching for solutions to problems. They may or may not be an actual detective or private eye, since many others (reporters for instance) are investigators too.


The Kingpin is just like the Captain but in a specific criminal sense.


The Pilot is the one that navigates you through the world of Karbon, which is large and sprawling. A Pilot doesn't always even operate a vehicle, but they are the navigators and hold all the keys.


The Scientist is much like the Doctor. However, while the Doctor is a master of practical application in a field, the scientist is a theorist and creator.


The Soldier is a trained fighter that once worked for another or a cause.


The Technician is a master of modern technology. They are the most sought after of all, because of the immense training needed to master the intricacies of the horribly complex technology in the world of Karbon.

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