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-^2d6 ^Result ^Defined Trade Good ^Unit Increment ^Base Price GP^+^2d6 Result ^Defined Trade Good ^Unit Increment ^Base Price GP^ 
 +|2 |Stomach Irritant* |1d6 x 6 |10 | 
 +|3–5 |Emetic* |1d6 x 5 |25 | 
 +|6–8 |Drow Poison |1d6 x 5 |75 | 
 +|9–11 |Arsenic |2 |120 | 
 +|12 |Giant Wasp Poison |1 |200 | 
 +*These have no statistical effects, they just tend to take the person poisoned out of action for a few hours to a day if ingested. 
 +More expensive poisons are rare to find for sale at all, and have to be negotiated on a dose by dose basis. ​
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